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Title Expression of Interest for Collaborative Study :Characterization of geophysical parameters related to transport of contaminant through geological medium of Kalpakkam site.
Theme In the event of accidental spill/ leakage of contaminants (e.g., radionuclides/ toxic chemicals) from storage facilities , though extremely unlikely, the stored activity would be exposed to the surrounding geological medium and undergoes migration in environment. Computational models are used for the estimation of contaminant transport through geological medium for impact assessment. An important aspect of this process is that the transport is critically governed by the nature of the surrounding geological medium. Hence, the characterization of the surrounding geological medium is crucial for simulation of migration of a contaminant
Scope of the Study The study deals with characterization of the geologic medium of Kalpakkam site region by determining geophysical parameters for contaminant transport studies. The geophysical parameters critical to the estimation / simulation of contaminant transport will be generated through field experiments and laboratory analysis. Following parameters are of importance for contaminant transport studies
  • For rock medium
    • Density of fractures
    • Average width of a fracture
    • Number density of fractures
    • Distribution of fracture lengths [Ex. Uniform, Gaussian etc]
    • Diffusion coefficient within a fracture
    • Velocity of water within a fracture
  • For porous matrix part
    • Hydraulic conductivity of porous matrix
    • Diffusion coefficient within a porous matrix
    • Matrix porosity
    • Distribution of sizes of porous blocks [Ex. Uniform, Gaussian etc]
    • Density of the medium
  • For homogeneous and mixed mediums
    • Moisture saturation level
    • Horizontal and vertical hydraulic conductivity
    • Effective porosity
    • Density of the medium
    • Horizontal transverse dispersivity
    • Vertical transverse dispersivity
    • Longitudinal dispersivity
    • Molecular diffusion coefficient
    • Sizes of stones present within soil/sand
    • Distribution of locations of stones in soil/sand [Ex. Uniform, Gaussian etc]

Expected Expertise

Academic / Research Institutes with expertise in field geological investigations and laboratory studies for the determination of geological parameters like diffusion, hydraulic conductivity etc. and expertise for conducting experiments for advance studies.

Contact :

Dr. C. Venkata Srinivas
Scientific Officer-G & Head, Environmental Assessment Division (EAD)
Safety, Quality and Resource Management Group (SQRMG),
Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research
Kalpakkam - 603102 .
PH: 044+27480500 (23574)/ Mobile (O): 9499933961/ Mobile (P) :9445334923