Electronics & Instrumentation Group [EIG]

Electronics and Instrumentation Group is focused on design  and development of indigenous technology in the areas of Electronic Instrumentation & Control systems for fast breeder reactors and reprocessing plants that include Development of Distributed Digital  Control System, Safety Critical and safety related Systems, Safe & Secure PLC , Virtual Control Panel based Control Room, Full-scope Operator Training Simulator, 3D modelling, animation & visualization of FBR subsystems and VR walkthrough of structures, Cyber Security Management for IT & I&C systems.

Design and Development of advanced equipments and technology such as, Design and development of indigenous Wireless Sensor Networks for nuclear facilities, strategic and societal applications, Time Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) for Deep Seated Atomic Minerals Exploration, Plutonium Condition Air Monitoring System for reprocessing plants, Test Instrument for Steam Generator Tube Inspection, Radar Level Probe for Liquid Sodium Level Measurement, radiation resistance MEMS based sensor for nuclear applications and innovative sensors and instruments for nuclear facilities.

Considerable expertise exists in designing, building and maintaining state-of the-art high-performance supercomputing facility that continues to meet large scale compute- and data-intensive requirements in multi-disciplinary domains and Implementation of IT-enabled Nuclear Knowledge Management system for Fast Reactors and associated domains, computational intelligence systems, cryptography, cyber security solutions, knowledge management and development and deployment of modern security systems for access control and physical protection of nuclear complexes.

Electronics and Instrumentation Group

Shri. S. Raghupathy,
Distinguished Scientist,
Director, Electronics & Instrumentation Group

Electronics & Computers Group Reactor Control &  Instrumentation Group
Computer Division Instrumentation & Control Division
Electronics Division Real Time System Division
Real Time Systems Division Security & Innovative Sensors Division

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