Components Development &

Hydraulics Group


S. Murugan, AD, CD&HG

B.K. Sreedhar, Head, SE&HD

V. Vinod, Head, ETHD

S. Murugan, Head, RIMMD


Sodium Experiments & Hydraulics Division (SE&HD)
Experimental Thermal Hydraulics Division (ETHD)

Robotics, Irradiation experiments and Mechanical Maintenance Division (RIMMD)


  • Design, fabrication, inspection and erection of components for test facilities for high temperature testing of FBR components

  • Mechanical design and analysis of components and steel structures

  • Sodium piping design, flexibility analysis, erection and inspection

  • Air and in sodium testing of shut down mechanisms

  • Air and in sodium testing of fuel handling machines

  • Sodium removal from prototype and reactor components after testing in sodium

  • Testing, repair and modification of bellows sealed valves

  • Flow induced vibration measurements and Experimental modal testing of reactor components

  • Detection of cavitation and steam leaks by acoustic noise technique

  • Development of Ferro fluid seals & magnetic bearings for centrifugal sodium pumps

  • Experimental thermal hydraulics studies using scaled down models

  • Development of DAS and Knowledge based system for anomaly detection in FBRs

  • Thermal hydraulic analysis of various reactor phenomenon using CFD Simulation and Modelling

  • Development of curie point switch for FBRs

  • Testing of FFLM and core flow monitoring meters

  • Design and development of Integrated Cold Trap and Integrated Plugging Indicator for future FBRs

  • Mechanical design and analysis of various model components and related steel structures

  • Design, Fabrication, inspection and erection of various heat exchangers and experimental models

  • Process design of equipments in air, water and sodium rigs

  • Experimentation on various components to understand the complex thermal hydraulic phenomenon

  • Natural Convection studies in sodium using SADHANA Facility

  • Fabrication and machining of mechanical components to very close tolerances

  • Fabrication activities related to sodium systems and cover gas systems.

  • Experimental modal testing of reactor components

  • Machinery vibration measurements, analysis and fault diagnosis of rotating machineries

  • Calibration of accelerometers, dynamic pressure sensors, displacement transducers

  • Fabrication of Perspex models for water experiments

  • Maintenance of equipments like sodium pumps, water pumps, compressors and blowers

  • Modifications/ Alterations of the existing experimental loops

  • Planning and procurement of materials

  • Welding of SS and various other new materials

  • Machining of SS and other special materials

  • Operation of Steam Generator Test Facility (SGTF)

  • Optimize the design of Steam Generator (SG) for FBRs

  • Assessment of SG heat transfer area and waterside pressure drop safety margins to validate process design codes

  • Assessment of SG thermal hydraulic instabilities viz. Ledinegg and density wave instability SG behavior with few tubes plugged

  • Assessment of temperature distribution on the sodium side of SG under different steady state and transient operating conditions to validate multi dimensional computer codes

  • Assessment of heat transfer area margins in the sodium to air cooler similar to the one used in the decay heat removal system of PFBR

  • Assessment of propagation of hydrogen in the sodium circuit in a simulated sodium water reaction

  • Assessment of time of depressurization of SG tube side (water/steam)

  • Maintenance of Steam Generator Test Facility (SGTF)