Device Development & Rig Services Division

B.Babu, Head, DD&RSD

S.Chandramouli, Head, ROS

G.Vijayakumar, Head, ESS
J.I.Sylvia, Head, RIS
P. Rajasundaram, Head, IDS
M.Shanmugavel, Head, IFS


Rig Operation Section (ROS)
Electrical Services Section (ESS)
Rig Instrumentation Section (RIS)
Instrumentation Development Section (IDS)
INSOT Facility Section (IFS)

Electromagnetic Design and Analysis (EMDA)


  • Operation and maintenance of experimental sodium facilities for testing full scale, prototype FBR components in sodium environment

  • Developmental activities in sodium technology like, cleaning of cold trap, regeneration of cold trap and safe disposal of waste sodium

  • Sodium handling, fire fighting techniques and conducting training programmes on sodium fire fighting

  • Fabrication activities related to sodium systems and cover gas systems

  • Chemical cleaning activities of sodium components and pipelines

  • Design, construction and maintenance of electrical power system and preheating system of sodium loops

  • Design, construction and maintenance of Electrical system of water test facilities

  • Design and Development of ECR type heaters for sodium  preheating  applications

  • Design, manufacture and sodium calibration of PM Flowmeters

  • FEM analysis of Mutual Inductance Level Probes, Temperature Sensitive Magnetic Switch

  • Design and Analysis of Annular Linear Induction Pumps and DC & AC Conduction Pumps

  • FEM analysis of Permanent Magnet Flowmeter and Eddy Current Flowmeter

  • Design of various FBR electromagnetic devices like electromagnets and magnetic bearing etc. and analysis of these devices using commercial FEM software

  • Calibration of sodium sensors for reactor use

  • Development and maintenance of Data Acquisition and Control System (DAS) for Sodium Rigs, water facilities, Steam generator test facility and pyro-processing facility

  • Design and development of sodium compatible high temperature sensors and associated electronics

  • Operation and maintenance of Creep and Fatigue sodium loops

  • Modification and commissioning of existing facilities for testing new materials

  • Design, Fabrication, erection and Commissioning of new test facilities for conducting experiments  in sodium

  • Design, development and commissioning of Instrumentation and control systems for sodium facilities

  • Sodium handling, transport/ transfer and chemical cleaning of sodium components after completion of experiments