Steam Generator Test Facility Division



V.A.Sureshkumar, Head, SGTF-OS

K. Thanigairaj, Head, SGTF-MS


Steam Generator Test Facility Operation Section (SGTF-OS)
Steam Generator Test Facility Maintenance Section (SGTF-MS)


  • Operation of Steam Generator Test Facility (SGTF)

  • Optimize the design of Steam Generator (SG) for FBRs

  • Assessment of SG heat transfer area and waterside pressure drop safety margins to validate process design codes

  • Assessment of SG thermal hydraulic instabilities viz. Ledinegg and density wave instability SG behavior with few tubes plugged

  • Assessment of temperature distribution on the sodium side of SG under different steady state and transient operating conditions to validate multi dimensional computer codes

  • Assessment of heat transfer area margins in the sodium to air cooler similar to the one used in the decay heat removal system of PFBR

  • Assessment of propagation of hydrogen in the sodium circuit in a simulated sodium water reaction

  • Assessment of time of depressurization of SG tube side (water/steam)

  • Maintenance of Steam Generator Test Facility (SGTF)