Fast Reactor Technology Group

Director, FRTG

B.K.Nashine, AD, SFG

B.Babu, Head, DD&RSD

D.Ponraju, Head, SED

I.B.Noushad, Head, SGTFD
S. Murugan, AD, CD&HG

V. Vinod, Head, ETHD

B.K. Sreedhar, Head, SE&HD
S. Murugan, Head, RIMMD


  • Operation  of Large Component Test Rig for sodium testing of critical PFBR components such as Transfer Arm, Inclined Fuel Transfer Machine, Failed Fuel Location Modules and Absorber Rod Drive  Mechanisms (ARDMs)

  • Testing of  5.5MWt 19 tube model PFBR Steam Generator (SG) in Steam generator test Facility  to optimize the design of Steam Generator for FBRs

  • Sodium water reaction studies in SOWART rig to assess  the  damage on SG materials on sodium water reaction

  • Performance evaluation of PFBR sodium leak detectors in LEENA facility

  • Simulation of thermal transients and evaluation of  its effects  on critical  reactor components in  Thermal Shock Test Facility

  • Design and Construction of Sodium Technology Complex (STC)

  • Experiments in SADHANA facility simulating passive decay heat removal of PFBR SGDHR system

  • Development and testing of fast reactor components in air, water and sodium

  • Thermal hydraulic experiments in water for design qualification and validation of computational codes

  • Setting up of large scale (5/8) sector model for Thermal Hydraulic Studies

  • Hydraulic testing of Subassembly and Core components for FBR

  • Vibration and  noise analysis of fast reactor components

  • Design, development and analysis of various types  of  Electromagnetic  devices  used in  FBRs

  • Development of High Flux Rod heaters and high watt density   immersion heaters  for liquid sodium heating

  • Setting up of multi DSR drop time measurement facility

  • Design and development of Integrated Cold Trap and Integrated Plugging Indicator for future FBRs

  • Development, fabrication and testing of sodium sensors for level, flow and leak detection

  • Development of Under Sodium Ultra Sonic Scanner for under sodium viewing in FBRs

  • Cavitation erosion testing of reactor materials in sodium

  • Operation of multipurpose sodium facility for component testing (SFCT)

  • Development of Magnetic Bearing for large sodium pumps

  • Development of high temperature Ultrasonic Transducers

  • Development of sodium submersible Annular Linear Induction Pump