Sl. No. Tender Notice No. Nature of Work Displayed on Last date for Sale
1 GSO/ESG/ESD/TELECOM/KTS/Tr-79/2018 Supply and commissioning of online water quality (pH, ORP, Conductivity, Turbidity, Chlorine) Monitoring system in water treatment plant at DAE Township, Kalpakkam 24-SEP-2018 16-OCT-2018
2 GSO/CED/CE/eTR-985/2018 Providing Waterproofing Treatment for Residential and non-residential buildings at North PDPM area (Phase-I) in DAE Township at Kalpakkam 24-SEP-2018 15-OCT-2018
3 GSO/CED/CE/Tr-984/2018 Development of landscaping at KV-1 & near PDPM gate and rock painting on rocks with lawn area in DAE Township, Kalpakkam 18-SEP-2018 15-OCT-2018
 4 GSO/CED/CE/Tr-983/2018 Providing MS Steel grill door at terrace in V-E Quarters and balconies grills at Ground floors of other type in DAE Township, Anupuram 18-SEP-2018 15-OCT-2018
5 GSO/CED/CE/Tr-982/2018 AMC for Painting of Residential and Non-Residential buildings in DAE Township at Kalpakkam during the year 2018-19 18-SEP-2018 15-OCT-2018
 6 GSO/HOSP/eTR-1/2018 Housekeeping works at DAE Hospital, Kalpakkam and DAE Dispensary, Anupuram during the year 2018-19 18-SEP-2018 01-OCT-2018
7 GSO/ESG/ESD/ESS/EMS/KTS/ T-67/2018 Maintenance of Earth pits in Pudupattinam and Sadras Regions in DAE Township, Kalpakkam for the year 2018-2019 12-SEP-2018 28-SEP-2018
8 GSO/ESG/ESD/PEM/ACMS/KTS/Tr-78/2018 Revamping of packaged air conditioning system installed at Maternity ward of DAE Hospital Kalpakkam Township 10-SEP-2018 09-OCT-2018
9 GSO/CED/CE/eTR-981/2018 Construction of Balance works of Guest house in DAE Township at Anupuram 10-SEP-2018 26-SEP-2018
10 GSO/CED/CE/eTR-980/2018 Construction of Balance works for 55 Nos. of type IVD quarters and 45 Nos. of type VE quarters (Tower 3-G+12 storey) in DAE Township at Anupuram. 10-SEP-2018 26-SEP-2018
11 GSO/ESG/ESD/ESS/EMS/KTS/T-83/2018 Checking and establishing double earth wiring for light, power circuits in residential buildings and other associated work in DAE Townships Kalpakkam 05-SEP-2018 26-SEP-2018
12 GSO/ESG/P&CS/ Tr-20/2018 Digitization of Accounts section Pay Registers,GSO 04-SEP-2018 17-SEP-2018
13 GSO/CED/CE/eTR-979/2018 Refurbishment of Residential Quarters (Phase-V) for Category 'A' &'B' type houses in DAE Township at Kalpakkam 29-AUG-2018 18-SEP-2018
14 GSO/ESG/ESD/ESS/ECS/KTS/eTr-70/2018 Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Optical Fibre cable and associated works between various sub-stations located in DAE Township, Kalpakkam 21-AUG-2018 11-SEP-2018

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