Sl. No. Tender Notice No. Nature of Work Displayed on Last date for Sale


AMC for Repairs to Bituminous Road at Anupuram Township during the year 2019-2020

13-DEC-2018 04-JAN-2019


AMC for Repairs over internal and external Water Supply & Sanitary installation in Residential and Non-residential buildings at Anupuram Township during the year 2019-2020

13-DEC-2018 04-JAN-2019


Augmentation of CCTV systems in GSO offices and linking with backbone fiber network at Kalpakkam Township

11-DEC-2018 27-DEC-2018
 4 GSO/CED/CE/Tr-1002/2018 Improvement works at Bio-Gas Plant in DAE Township at Kalpakkam 30-NOV-2018 21-DEC-2018
5 GSO/CED/CE/Tr-1001/2018 Trimming of tree branches, Planting and Maintenance of trees in DAE Township at Kalpakkam during the year 2019 - 2020
 6 GSO/CED/CE/Tr-1000/2018 Providing Modular works station for Admin, Accounts in GSO Annex building and CHSS Office in DAE Hospital at Kalpakkam Township
7 GSO/CED/CE/Tr-999/2018 AMC for Repairs to Wood work in residential and non-residential buildings at Sadras area in DAE Township at Kalpakkam during the year 2019-2020
8 GSO/ESG/ESD/ESS/EMS/KTS/T-95/2018 Recording of energy meter readings, replacement of RS 485 port energy meters in residential and public buildings at DAE Township Kalpakkam for the year 2019-20 30-NOV-2018 12-DEC-2018
9 GSO/ESG/P&CS/ Tr-22/2018 Carrying out various data entry operation in Pharmacy, CHSS Office and Medical Store etc. at DAE Hospital, Kalpakkam 2019-20 28-NOV-2018 17-DEC-2018
 10 GSO/ESG/ESD/ESS/EMS/KTS/T-99/2018 Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of street light pole with LED fittings and solar panels with LED fittings and other lighting works n DAE Township, Kalpakkam 22-NOV-2018 06-DEC-2018
11 GSO/CED/CE/Tr-998/2018 Construction of shed for Swatch Machine & Briquetting Press with Grinding Machine at Anupuram Township 19-NOV-2018 07-DEC-2018
12 GSO/CED/CE/Tr-997/2018 Refurbishment of Pathology Lab, Pharmacy and other areas of DAE Hospital in DAE Township, Kalpakkam 19-NOV-2018 07-DEC-2018
13 GSO/ESG/ESD/MM/ATS/Tr-98/2018
Amendment No.1
Digital Mapping of all Existing Underground Service Lines in DAE Township at Anupuram 16-NOV-2018
14 GSO/CED/CE/eTR-996/2018 Resurfacing of Bituminous surfaces for Main and branch roads in DAE Township, Kalpakkam during the year 2019 12-NOV-2018 04-DEC-2018

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