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1 GSO/ESG/ESD/ESS/EMS/KTS/T-185/2020 Maintenance of electrical system in hospital, hostels, educational institutes and GSO Annex Building in DAE Township at Kalpakkam for the year 2021-2021 19-MAR-2020 15-APR-2020
2 GSO/ESG/ESD/ESS/EMS/ATS/T-171/2020 Recording of Energy Meter Readings for the year 2020 2021 and replacement of Static Energy Meters in Residential and Public buildings and other associated works at DAE Township, Anupuram 17-MAR-2020 03-APR-2020
3 GSO/CED/CE/eTR-1119/2020 Special repairs to Night latch / window Grills and providing grill door for C and SA type Houses & Balcony grills at Ground Floors of Various Quarters in DAE Township at Kalpakkam. 17-MAR-2020 09-APR-2020
 4 GSO/ESG/ESD/ESS/EMS/KTS/T-183/2020 Supply and installation of UG Cables and modification of motor controls at sewage treatment plant unit-3 in DAE Township Kalpakkam 17-MAR-2020 01-APR-2020
5 GSO/CED/CE/Tr-1118/2020 AMC for Wood work repairs and other miscellaneous works to residential & non-residential buildings at Anupuram Township during the year 2020-21 16-MAR-2020 09-APR-2020
 6 GSO/CED/CE/eTr-1117/2020 Operating a Pharmacy for Supply of Medicines to CHSS Beneficiaries of DAE at The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc) at Chennai for the year 2020-2022. 04-MAR-2020 27-MAR-2020
 7 GSO/ESG/ESD/MM/KTS/Tr-182/2020 Operation and maintenance of water supply & sewage systems in DAE Township, Kalpakkam during the year 2020-2021 28-FEB-2020 17-MAR-2020
8 GSO/EMS/e.Tr.01/2020 Housekeeping and catering services for JRF/ SRF Enclave in DAE Township, Kalpakkam for the year 2020-2021 28-FEB-2020 13-MAR-2020
9 GSO/CED/CE/Tr-1116/2020 Trimming of tree branches, Planting and Maintenance of trees in DAE Township at Kalpakkam during the year 2020-2021 17-FEB-2020 13-MAR-2020
10 GSO/CED/CE/Tr-1115/2020 External Development in the KG School premises at Sadras in DAE Township at Kalpakkam
11 GSO/CED/CE/Tr-1114/2020 Special Repairs to roof tiles for Type 'V-E' Houses in DAE Township at Kalpakkam
12 GSO/CED/CE/Tr-1113/2020 AMC for Repairs to Wood work in Residential buildings at Pudupattinam area in DAE Township at Kalpakkam during the year 2020-2021
13 GSO/ESG/ESD/MM/ATS/Tr-177/ 2020
Amendment No.1
Annual Maintenance Contract of Water Purifier Systems installed at various locations of GSO public buildings at Kalpakkam and Anupuram Township for the year 2020 2021 10-FEB-2020

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