Sl. No.

Tender Notice No.

Nature of Work

Displayed on Last date for Sale
1 GSO/ESG/ESD/PEM/ACMS/KTS/Tr-117/2019 Revamping of unitary R & AC equipments installed at DAE Hospital, Kalpakkam Township. 14-MAR-2019 08-APR-2019
2 GSO/CED/CE/eTR-1022/2019 Extension of Dining and Kitchen for Multipurpose Hall in DAE Township at Kalpakkam 14-MAR-2019 04-APR-2019
3 GSO/CED/CE/Tr-1021/2019 Construction of Garbage Segregation yard and other miscellaneous works at STP in DAE Township, Kalpakkam 05-MAR-2019 22-MAR-2019
 4 GSO/ESG/ESD/PEM/ACMS/KTS/Tr-116/2019 Comprehensive maintenance contract for air cooled packaged and ductable split packaged air conditioners installed in GSO Annex building & Multipurpose hall Kalpakkam for the period of 24 months during the year of 2019-2021 05-MAR-2019 22-MAR-2019
5 GSO/CED/CE/eTR-1020/2019 Refurbishment of Residential Quarters (Phase-VI) for Category D & E Type Houses in DAE Township at Kalpakkam 04-MAR-2019 22-MAR-2019
 6 GSO/CED/CE/eTR-1013/2019 Construction of Balance works for 110 Nos. of type IV-D and 90 Nos. of type V-E quarters (Tower 1 & 2-G+12 storey) in DAE Township at Anupuram 04-MAR-2019 22-MAR-2019
7 GSO/ESG/ESD/MM/KTS/Tr-115/2019 Operation and maintenance of water supply & sewage systems in DAE Township, Kalpakkam during the year 2019-2020 01-MAR-2019 15-MAR-2019
8 GSO/CED/CE/Tr-1019/2019 AMC for Wood work repairs and other miscellaneous works to residential & non-residential buildings at Anupuram Township during the year 2019-2020 26-FEB-2019 22-MAR-2019
9 GSO/CED/CE/Tr-1018/2019 AMC for Carrying out Masonry Repairs & Maintenance works in Residential and Non-residential buildings at Sadras area in DAE Township at Kalpakkam during the year 2019-2020 26-FEB-2019 22-MAR-2019
10 GSO/ESG/ESS/ECS/ATS/T-111/2019 Supply and installation of LT Panels for fire fighting, fire alarm system and other associated works in Hospital complex at Anupuram 21-FEB-2019 07-MAR-2019
11 GSO/CED/CE/eTR-1016/2019 Operating Pharmacies for Supply of medicines to CHSS Beneficiaries in DAE Townships at Kalpakkam and Anupuram for the year 2019-2020 15-FEB-2019 06-MAR-2019
12 GSO/ESG/ESD/ESS/ECS/KTS/eTr-104/2018 Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of HT & LT Panels in Main Sub-Station No.1 & Sub-Station No.1 and other associated works in DAE Township, Kalpakkam. 06-FEB-2019 07-MAR-2019

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