Group Directors Group
Dr. B. VENKATARAMAN Safety, Quality & Resources Management Group [SQ&RMG]
Shri S. RAGHUPATHY Electronics & Instrumentation Group [EIG]
Reactor Design & Technology Group [RD&TG]
Shri K.V. SURESH KUMAR Reactor Facilities Group [RFG]
Dr. K. ANANTHASIVAN Reprocessing Group [RpG]
Dr. N. SIVARAMAN Materials Chemistry & Metal Fuel Cycle Group [MC&MFCG]
Dr. S. RAJU Metallurgy & Materials Group [M&MG]
Materials Science Group [MSG]
Dr. B. K. NASHINE Engineering Services Group [ESG]

Associate Directors

Associate Directors Group
Shri B. HARIKRISHNAN Civil Engineering Group
Dr. D. THIRUGNANAMURTHY Electronics & Computers Group
Dr. V. JAYARAMAN Fuel & Materials Chemistry Group
Dr. D. PONRAJU Health, Safety Engineering Group
Dr. R. DIVAKAR Materials Engineering Group
Dr. KITHERI JOSEPH Metal Fuel Recycle Group
Ms R. VIJAYASHREE Nuclear Systems Design Group
Shri A. BABU Operation and Maintenance Group
Shri A. VENKATESAN Reactor Control & Instrumentation Group
Shri S. ATHMALINGAM Radiological & Environmental Safety Group
Shri B.K. NASHINE Sodium Facilities Group
Shri K.P. KESAVAN NAIR Technical Services Group

Division Heads

Division Heads Division
Shri BISWANATH SEN Air Conditioning & Ventilation System Division
Dr. R. KUMAR Analytical Chemistry & Spectroscopy Division
Shri SUDIPTA CHATTOPADHYAYA Architecture & Structural Engineering Division
Shri UTPAL BORAH Central Workshop Division
Shri T.V. PRABHU Chemical Facilities & Engineering Division
Shri N. SURESH Civil Engineering Division
Shri JOSE VARGHESE Components Handling & Mechanism Division
Shri R. JEHADEESAN Computer Division
Dr. N.V. CHANDRA SHEKAR Condensed Matter Physics Division
Shri SUDIPTA CHATTOPADHYAYA Contracts & Major Works Division
Dr. JOHN PHILIP Corrosion Science & Technology Division
Shri K. RAJAN Demonstration Fast Reactor Fuel Reprocessing Plant Division
Shri B. BABU Device Development & Rig Services Division
Shri N. SRIDHAR Electronics Division
Shri L. SUBRAMANYAM Electrical Services Division
Dr. C.V. SRINIVAS Environmental Assessment Division
Shri V. VINOD Experimental Thermal Hydraulics Division
Dr. A. SURESH Fuel Chemistry Division
Dr. N. SUBRAMANIAN Incubation Centre [IC-IGCAR]
Shri M. SAKTHIVEL Instrumentation & Control Division
Dr. RAJESH GANESAN Materials Chemistry Division
Dr. R. GOVINDARAJ Materials Physics Division
Dr. M. VASUDEVAN Materials Development & Technology Division
Dr S. GHOSH Metal Fuel & Pyro-processing Division
Dr. ANISH KUMAR Non-Destructive Evaluation Division
Dr. ARUP DASGUPTA Physical Metallurgy Division
Dr. VIDYA SUNDARARAJAN Planning & Human Resources Development Division
Dr. SHAJI KURIEN Post Irradiation Examination Division
Shri TANMAY VASAL Power Plant Control Division
Dr. R.V. SUBBA RAO Process & Radio Chemistry Division
Shri B. MURALIDHARAN Pyro Process Engineering Division
Shri S. ATHMALINGAM Quality Assurance Division
Shri K.G. SUBRAMANIAN Quality Assurance & Industrial Safety Division
Dr. R. VENKATAESAN Radiological & Environmental Safety Division
Shri SRIRAMACHANDRA AITHAL Reactor Core & Assembly Division
Shri G SHANMUGAM Reactor Maintenance Division
Dr. K. DEVAN Reactor Neutronics Division
Dr. A. JOHN ARUL Reactor Shielding & Data Division
Shri G. MANIMARAN Reactor Operation Division
Shri R.P. BEHERA Real-Time Systems Division
Shri JOSEPH WINSTON Remote Handling & Irradiation-Experiments Division
Shri M. GEO MATHEWS Reprocessing Maintenance Division (Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation & Controls) [RpMD(EEIC)]
Shri M. DHANANJEYKUMAR Reprocessing Maintenance Division (Mechanical) [RpMD(Mech)]
Shri SHEKHAR KUMAR Reprocessing Operations Division
Shri K. RAJAN DFRP Division
Dr. K.A. VENKATESAN Reprocessing Research & Development Division
Shri V.A. SURESHKUMAR Rig Operations Division
Shri SANJAY KUMAR DAS Safety Engineering Division
Smt. S.RAJESWARI Scientific Information Resource Division
Shri G. PRABHAKARA RAO Security and Innovative Sensors Division
Shri B.K. SREEDHAR Sodium Experiments & Hydraulics Division
Shri U. PARTHASARATHY Sodium Heat Transport Division
  Structural Mechanics Division
Dr. SANDIP KUMAR DHARA Surface & Nanoscience Division
Shri K. DINESH Technical Services Division
Shri K. NATESAN Thermal Hydraulics Division
Shri M.S. CHANDRASEKAR Training & Human Resource Development Division



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