Materials Science Group

Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam

About MSG

We  pursue basic research in front line areas of condensed matter and materials science.

 The research areas include studies on defects and their influence on physical properties, superconductivity, optical properties, colloids and nanomaterials,  structural and electronic phase transitions at high pressures and low temperatures, and theoretical  investigations.

 Accelerator based materials  research has been  providing insights to the simulation and assessment of neutron damage to reactor materials.

Pursuit of Basic Research  has led us to taking up programs on innovative instrumentation and sensors applications.

With the specialized researchers and the availability of state of the art experimental tools, excellent opportunities exist for students to pursue Research leading to PhD as well as to do post doctoral research.












Accelerator & Nanoscience Group

Condensed Matter Physics Division

Materials Physics Division

Surface and Nanoscience Division

X-ray Scattering and Crystal Growth Section

Theoretical Studies Section

Thin Films & Coatings Section

SQUIDS Applications Section

Metal Physics Section

Nanomaterials  Characterisation &
 Sensors Section

High Pressure Physics Section

Computational Materials Science Section

Surface Science Section

Low Temperature Studies Section

Ion Beam Physics Section

Electronics & Instrumentation Section

Light Scattering Studies Section

Accelerator and Radiation Damage Section