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     IGCAR is entrusted with a mission to conduct a broad based multidisciplinary programme of scientific research and advanced engineering development, directed towards the establishment of the technology of Sodium Cooled Fast Breeder Reactors (FBR) and associated fuel cycle facilities in the country.
The mission includes cutting edge developments, applications of new and improved materials, techniques, equipments and systems for FBRs and to pursue basic research to achieve breakthroughs in Fast Reactor technology.

 Dr. Arun Kumar Bhaduri,
Distinguished Scientist & Director, IGCAR

The Patents and Technology Transfer cell has been formed at IGCAR with a view to reach out to industries that are desirous to utilize the various technologies and technical know-how's generated and available for use at IGCAR.
Intellectual Property (IP) is the name given to patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs and other types of intangible property that arise from creations of the mind and in their broadest sense have no physical form.
A patent is a legal document granting its holder the exclusive right to control the use of an invention, as set forth in the patentís claims, within a limited area and time by stopping others from, among other things, making, using or selling the invention without authorization. Patents may be granted to protect inventions that are new, involves an inventive step and are capable of industrial applications.

Technology transfer is the process by which basic science research and fundamental discoveries are developed into practical and commercially relevant applications and products. Technology Transfer personnel evaluate and manage invention portfolio, oversees patent prosecution, negotiate licensing agreements and periodically review cooperative research agreements already in place. Technology transfercell functions in the following ways

  • Coordinating between technology users and developers, between researchers and manufactures

  • Provide access to relevant internal and external resources to individual projects and enterprises
    A main ingredient for moving technology from a research laboratory to a new business enterprise successfully is an environment that is supportive of entrepreneurship. This needs to be encouraged by providing guidance, counseling and resources.
    The objective of the Patents & Technology Transfer Cell is to liaison with scientists and engineers of the centre to promote patents, technical know-how, consultancy, etc. and interact with industries and vendors to facilitate technology transfer.

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