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Reactor Design Group


Reactor Design Group is responsible for Design, Development, Analysis, Testing, Validation & Qualification of Systems / Components of Sodium Cooled Fast Reactors (SFR) in the field of :

RDG is also responsible for getting safety clearance from Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) for PFBR.

The group comprises of Core Design Group (CDG), Reactor Analysis Group (RAG), Power Plant Group (PPG), Reactor Components Division (RCD) and Component Handling & Mechanism Division (CHMD).

RDG has a modern design office with many advanced modeling and analysis softwares. The group has dedicated facilities for Safety Studies on Sodium Fire, Structural Integrity & Thermal Hydraulics and has the expertise for Manufacture & Erection of Reactor Components. It has undertaken many Collaborative Projects with National and International Institutions.

The group has the capabilities in science & technology of

RDG has high quality expertise in the domain of design of mechanisms operating in sodium, mechanical design and analysis of components as per the American (ASME) and French (RCC-MR) design codes.

RDG provides design support to the construction and commissioning of 500 MWe Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (PFBR), which is under construction at Kalpakkam. It also provides analysis support to other groups in the Centre including Fast Breeder Test Reactor (FBTR) as well as for other strategic and high end technologies in the country. It is currently engaged in conceptualisation as well as detailing the innovative reactor components of future SFRs.
RDG has a team of about 130 scientists and engineers with varied capabilities engaged in the design & development of SFRs.