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Welcome to Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR), Kalpakkam. IGCAR, located 75 kilo meters south of Chennai, is a premier research institute of Department of Atomic Energy, dedicated to the development of robust fast reactor technology based on intense multi-disciplinary research. The centre has comprehensive R&D facilities covering the entire spectrum of FBR technology related to Sodium Technology, Reactor Engineering, Reactor Physics, Metallurgy and Materials Science, Chemistry of Fuels, coolant and other nuclear materials, Fuel Reprocessing, Reactor Safety, Control and Instrumentation, Computer Applications etc., and has developed a strong base in a variety of disciplines related to this advanced technology.


IGCAR houses two operating research reactors viz; the Fast Breeder Test Reactor (FBTR) and the Kalpakkam Mini Reactor (KAMINI). The FBTR uses a plutonium-uranium mixed carbide fuel to produce 40MW of thermal power and 13.2MW of electrical power. It provides the irradiation facilities for studies on materials and fuels and is also the testing ground for various FBR components. The KAMINI reactor is a Uranium-233(irradiated thorium) fueled reactor used for the thermal neutron flux for research activities in physics and chemistry, including neutron activation analysis and the irradiation of samples for experimental and forensic purposes. The reactor is also routinely used for neutron radiography of various components and materials. Facilities such as the accelerator and structural mechanics laboratory, sodium complex, accelerators, simulators etc.; have provided research training for a large number of students.


IGCAR has always been encouraging the young and talented students to visit various facilities / laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and machineries to understand the path-breaking discoveries made in the frontier areas of engineering/scientific research and cutting-edge technologies. Post graduate in Science and Engineering from various educational institutes are being provided opportunity to carry out the project work which is part of their curriculum, with the experts in IGCAR, thereby giving them exposure to the activities of the Department and also inspiring them to take up challenging R&D assignments both at DAE and other premier R&D organisations.