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Our Centre is dedicated to the development of robust fast reactor technology and associated closed fuel cycle technologies based on intense science based multi-disciplinary research. The Centre has comprehensive R&D facilities covering the entire spectrum of FBR technology related to Sodium Technology, Reactor Engineering, Reactor Physics, Metallurgy and Materials Science, Chemistry of Fuels, Coolant and other Nuclear Materials, Fuel Reprocessing, Reactor Safety, Control and Instrumentation, Computer Applications. Some of the major and unique facilities include, Fast Breeder Test Reactor, KAMINI experimental reactor, Sodium Technology facilities, Structural Mechanics Laboratory, Accelerator, Simulator etc.

We do facilitate the visit of young and talented students to our institution, equipped with the state-of-the-art equipments and facilities to give them exposure to the multi-disciplinary R&D being pursued to master the difficult technology of Fast Reactors and associated Fuel Cycle Technologies. Final year post-graduate students in Science and Undergraduate in engineering, in disciplines of relevance to our programmes will benefit by visiting our Centre.

  • Visit is permitted for fifty to sixty students (Pre-Final / Final Year Graduates in Engineering Discipline or First / Second Year Post Graduates in Engineering / Science Disciplines) along with two faculty members
  • Only Indian Nationals are permitted for the visit
  • Visit is permitted only once in an academic year for an institution
  • If you satisfy the requirements as indicated above, download the request form Download Visit Request Form
  • The filled in form with the signature and seal from the institution along with formal request from the head of the institution seeking visit has to be forwarded to project-igcar@gov.infor processing the request
  • The visits are generally permitted only on Fridays (falling on working day of IGCAR)
  • Intimation of the date of visit, based on availability (first come first serve basis), will be conveyed to the institution in advance. The students along with faculty should ensure reaching the MAIN GATE of DAE complex at least by about 9.00 AM on the allotted day
  • On receipt of the confirmation mail, the institution has to send the list showing the details of students (name, gender, year of study, discipline, contact number, photo), faculty members (name, designation, contact number, photo) as annexure along with undertaking form Download Undertaking Form with seal and signature from Head of Institution in the Institutional letterhead along with copies of the RC book, insurance certificate, road tax paid receipt, driving license of the driver for enabling entry permit
  • The driver should have valid driving license and the bus should be insured
  • Originals of RC book, driving license, Insurance Certificate and Road tax paid receipt should be produced at the time of entry at main gate to CISF Personnel on demand
  • Valid ID proof is required for the students, faculties and the driver
  • Cell phones, cameras, transistors, USB, laptop, earphones and other electronic gadgets and equipments are strictly prohibited
  • The vehicle should not be fitted with electronic equipment such as video, audio systems
  • The Centre will not provide any transport facility for the visit
  • The Centre will not be responsible for any injury or disability sustained by the visitors during the visit
  • Visitors will have to abide by the security regulations of the Centre. The escorting staff from the college should ensure the movement of the students to the designated location only
  • Lunch will be arranged on payment basis on request. A written/email communication from institution in this regard to be submitted once visit is confirmed
  • Once the visit commences the schedule given should be adhered to and any change or curtailing of the visit is not permitted
044-27480500 + Extn: 22439/22814

(IGCAR reserves the right to summarily cancel any visit at any stage without attributing any reason whatsoever)