Welcome to the updated Reprocesing Group Website.

The following are the various activities that are being ventured into by the reprocessing group of IGCAR


The spent fuel from the FBTR is being reprocessing here. Through the various reprocessing campaigns till date, the group has successfully demonstrated the feasibility of reprocessing the high burn up mixed carbide fuel. The recovered fissile material has been refabricated and recycled in FBTR thereby completely closing the nuclear fuel cycle of FBTR.

Many indigenous technological innovations have been achieved in every process step of fast reactor fuel reprocessing at CORAL which includes development of single pin chopper, high speed centrifuge for feed clarification, state-of-the-art centrifugal extractors and so on.


Based on the feedback obtained from CORAL operations, a demonstration fuel reprocessing plant of still higher capacity has been designed and is being constructed at the Kalpakkam DAE premises. This plant would cater to the closing of the nuclear fuel cycle of FBTR completely and PFBR partially


Based on the operating experiences of CORAL and the construction feedback of DFRP, a full-fledged reprocessing plant (as a part of the integral fast reactor fuel cycle facility) has been conceived and designed. The project has been approved by the GOI and its construction will commence soon.

Reprocessing R&D

The R&D division of the reprocessing group of IGCAR carries out systematic and structured studies to address the various challenges faced during the reprocessing of fast reactor spent fuel. The division address challenges with respect to development of a continuous dissolution process for dissolving the fast reactor spent fuel, centrifugal extractors of various capacities, optimization of the process parameters of the various process steps in fast reactor fuel reprocessing, equipments and process for spent solvent treatment and recovery, special materials for reprocessing technology etc.