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- General Conditions of Contract for Civil Works
- Technical Specifications for Civil Works
- Safety Guide for Works Contract


Tender Notice No

Name of Work

Displayed on Last Date for sale
 1 IGC/MSG/MPD/TS/MISC/8745/2020-21/sba/work1 Work contract for monitoring & up-keeping work of Accelerators (24x7), MSG-LAN and other systems at ANG/MSG 23-OCT-2020 13-NOV-2020
2 IGCAR/TS/MECH/2020/9116 Site fabrication, examination, testing and commissioning of seamless piping system and utilities of ventilation system for microstructural characterizations facility in PIED, RML Complex 23-OCT-2020 07-NOV-2020
3 CEG/IGC/1646/2020 Annual masonry maintenance, miscellaneous works, disposal of garbage of various labs and buildings inside IGCAR complex during the year 2021-2022. 21-OCT-2020 05-NOV-2020
4 CEG/IGC/1645/2020 Operation and Maintenance of water services in IGCAR, Kalpakkam during the year 2021-2022. 21-OCT-2020 05-NOV-2020
5 CEG/IGC/1644/2020 Formation of road and pathway for phase-II development inside new IGCAR Gate, Kalpakkam. 21-OCT-2020 05-NOV-2020
6 CEG/IGC/1643/2020 Annual maintenance for water supply and sanitary installations and operation & maintenance of sewer system in FBTR complex for the year 2020-2021 in IGCAR at Kalpakkam. 21-OCT-2020 05-NOV-2020
7 CEG/IGC/1642/2020 Cleaning of Storm water drains and roads, water table etc., in Northern side of IGCAR premises for the year 2021-2022 at Kalpakkam. 21-OCT-2020 05-NOV-2020
8 CEG/IGC/1641/2020 Earthwork excavation on drain mouth outlets and adjacent sides of the drains inside IGCAR areas during the year 2021-2022 at Kalpakkam. 21-OCT-2020 05-NOV-2020
9 IGC/MC&MFCG/MFRG/CFED/MFES/NK/02/2020 Miscellaneous works for installation and commissioning of alloy melting system, compact injectuion casting system, injection casting system in boron lab, helium line & oxygen line for process equipment in L-15 lab, continuous casting system inside the glove box in boron lab and laser welding system in N-9 lab at MC&MFCG 20-OCT-2020 05-NOV-2020
10 IGCAR/ESG/AC&VSD/T-161 /2020 Servicing and load testing of material handling equipments such as EOT cranes, CPBs, EWRs etc for the year 2020-21at IGCAR, Kalpakkam 15-OCT-2020 05-NOV-2020
11 IGC/RDTG/SMD/568/2020-01 Technical services related to experiments, data collection and analysis at SMD 08-OCT-2020 28-OCT-2020
12 IGCAR/FRFCF/INST/TR-052/2020 Comprehensive Annual Maintenance and operation contract of Access Control System 08-OCT-2020 26-OCT-2020
13 IGCAR/RFG/RMD/MMS/SK/TS-14/2020 Unloading of SNM cage and internal movement of special assemblies in IFSB 07-OCT-2020 15-OCT-2020
14 IGC/ESG/ESD/T-1465/2020 Panel wiring, control cable laying, supply & installation of
numerical relays and associated works in the substations
at IGCAR, Kalpakkam.
07-OCT-2020 26-OCT-2020
15 IGC/ESG/ESD/T-1466/2020 Cable feeder extension to IFFRM and UGC at IGCAR north plant site 06-OCT-2020 26-OCT-2020
16 IGC/RpG/HCSPG/HE&MS/EEFMT/01/2019 Erection of ERM MSMs in dissolver cell at DFRP, fabrication of FRM maintenance trolley and modifications of ERM transfer cum storage stands 06-OCT-2020 21-OCT-2020
17 IGCAR/SQ&RMG/HISD/IFSS/DTS/eTr- 01/ 2020 Assistance towards the Industrial Safety Activities of IGCAR including at Construction Sites for a period of One Year (2020-2021 05-OCT-2020 14-OCT-2020
18 CEG/IGC/1639/2020 Providing Fire Resistant Door & Air Tight door various places in DFRP at IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 05-OCT-2020 19-OCT-2020
19 CEG/IGC/1638/2020 Operation and Maintenance of sewerage system in IGCAR during the year 2021-2022 at Kalpakkam. 05-OCT-2020 19-OCT-2020
20 CEG/IGC/1637/2020 Providing water proofing Treatment for RDL plant site building roof terrace in IGCAR at Kalpakkam. 05-OCT-2020 19-OCT-2020
21 CEG/IGC/1636/2020 Annual Maintenance including repairs and renovation of Aluminium door & windows, in various laboratory and General Buildings in IGCAR for the year 2021-2022. 05-OCT-2020 19-OCT-2020
22 CEG/IGC/1635/2020 Painting and other miscellaneous works in PPED building in IGCAR at Kalpakkam 05-OCT-2020 19-OCT-2020
23 IGC/TS/AMC/2020/9251 Comprehensive Annual Servicing and maintenance of Split Airconditioning units and Refrigerators in RML 05-OCT-2020 13-OCT-2020
24 IGC/ESG/ESD/T-1464//2020 Annual contract for splicing and maintenance of OFC cable network at IGCAR project site for the year 2020-2021. 01-OCT-2020 21-OCT-2020
25 IGC/ESG/ESD/T-1463//2020 Annual Maintenance of Intercom telecommunication systems and its accessories at IGCAR for the year 2020-2021 01-OCT-2020 21-OCT-2020
26 CEG/IGC/1634/2020   Providing vertical garden at Plot-B and refurbishment of MRPU garden at Plot-A, DAE Nodal centre, Chennai. 30-SEP-2020 16-OCT-2020
27 CEG/IGC/1633/2020 Annual servicing and periodical maintenance of rolling shutters at IGCAR for the year 2020-2021. 30-SEP-2020 16-OCT-2020
28 CEG/IGC/1632/2020 Maintenance and improvement of landscape area in UGC, IFFRM, STC-V and TSTC in IGCAR at Kalpakkam during the year 2020-2021. 30-SEP-2020 16-OCT-2020
29 CEG/IGC/1631/2020
Amendment No.1
Annual Maintenance, repairs and renovation of wooden door & windows, locks in various laboratory building excluding FBTR in IGCAR for the year 2020-2021 30-SEP-2020
30 IGCAR/SQ&RMG/RESD/RAMS/202/08-01 Development of Biodiversity and green cover in North site of Kalpakkm complex 30-SEP-2020 07-OCT-2020
31 IGC/ESG/ESD/T-1457/2020 Annual Maintenance Contract for motors and fans at IGCAR, Kalpakkam for the year 2020-2021. 30-SEP-2020 16-OCT-2020
32 IGC/MC&MFCG/MFRG/CFED/ES&PPSS/PPS/NR/01/2020 Checking, cleaning and functionality test of Access control system, CCTV System & networking system in Materials Chemistry & Metal Fuel Cycle Group, IGCAR, Kalpakkam 29-SEP-2020 14-OCT-2020
33 IGC/MC&MFCG/CFED/ES&PPSS/HK/01/2020 House keeping works in active laboratories - green & amber zones, fume hoods, glove boxes etc. in Materials Chemistry & Metal Fuel Cycle Group, IGCAR, Kalpakkam 29-SEP-2020 14-OCT-2020
40 IGCAR/FRFCF/CIVIL/ETR-188/2020 Renovation of Security container, Security gate and related structural works at FRFCF Project site, Kalpakkam. 29-SEP-2020 13-OCT-2020
41 IGCAR/FRFCF/CIVIL/ETR-187/2020 Providing Roof Insulation work and approach ladder to water tanks in the Infra Area of FRFCF, Kalpakkam. 29-SEP-2020 13-OCT-2020
42 IGCAR/FRFCF/CIVIL/ETR-186/2020 Miscellaneous aluminium partition / enclosure works at Infra buildings of FRFCF Project site, Kalpakkam. 29-SEP-2020 13-OCT-2020
43 IGCAR/MC&MFCG/MFRG/MFPD/PPSS/SG/N-8/2020/1 Preparation of 3D CAD models (general assembly and part-wise), kinematics, motion and preparation of detailed 2D fabrication drawings of crane mechanisms inside glove box for N-8 Pyroprocessing facility 24-SEP-2020 12-OCT-2020
44 CEG/IGC/1628/2020 Operation and maintenance of Fire water system during the year 2021-2022 in IGCAR at Kalpakkam 24-SEP-2020 08-OCT-2020
45 CEG/IGC/1627/2020 Supplying and fixing of lifeline system, Turbo ventilator and painting with heat reflective coat over roof area of HTER building, IGCAR, Kalpakkam 24-SEP-2020 08-OCT-2020
46 CEG/IGC/1626/2020 Laying New pipe line for domestic water network in RML, RHS, SMARTS and O&M Stores Buildings at FBTR Complex, IGCAR, Kalpakkam 24-SEP-2020 08-OCT-2020
47 CEG/IGC/1625/2020
Amendment No.1
Providing and fixing of polycarbonate sheet in HBB Library open court yard area and fixing the SS letters and the Logo in Central Library Division at IGCAR in Kalpakkam 24-SEP-2020
48 CEG/IGC/1624/2020 Providing and fixing in Cupboard works in IFFRM building in North Plant site at IGCAR in Kalpakkam 24-SEP-2020 08-OCT-2020
49 IGC/RDTG/SFG/RIOD/SGTF/PAINTING/2020-21 Painting and fabrication/erection works of carbon steel structures at higher elevation in Steam Generator Test Facility (SGTF) 17-SEP-2020 29-SEP-2020
50 IGCAR/FRFCF/B&PD/P&PS/TR-102/2020 Handling, transportation and surface treatment of SS Glove Boxes at FRFCF 17-SEP-2020 02-OCT-2020
51 IGC/ESG/ESD/T 1456/2020
Annual Maintenance Contract for Street lighting and Area lighting at IGCAR, Kalpakkam for the year 2020 2021. 10-SEP-2020



Tender Notice No Name of Work Displayed on Last Date for sale
1 PRPD/NF-CE/K-2430/2020 Construction of Machine Foundation & RCC Pedestals and associated works for Shaker Facility at PRP, Kalpakkam 22-OCT-2020 18-NOV-2020
2 BARCF/NRB/INRPK/KARP/LAB/TR-01/2020 Decontamination of Radioactive laboratory areas in KARP and KARP-II 20-OCT-2020 03-NOV-2020
3 BARC/PRPD/TS-HCM /WCO/K-2409/2020 Annual Upkeep and maintenance of garden areas and Clearing of Garbage in the premises of PRP Township for the year 2020-21 14-OCT-2020 23-OCT-2020
4 BARCF/INRPK-MA/WU/TR/41/2020 Maintenance contract for Housekeeping at WSCD and BFTL, BARCF, Kalpakkam 13-OCT-2020 21-OCT-2020
5 BARC/MPDD/NDDP-AUGF/Civil/TR/12/2020 Internal painting of AUGFmain building & NDDP TS buildings in MPDD, BARCF, Kalpakkam 07-OCT-2020 19-OCT-2020
6 BARC/MPDD/NDDP-AUGF/Civil/TR/11/2020 Up gradation of water supply fixtures, foot operated taps , Flush valve etc., in NDDP- AUGF Complex , MPDD , BARCF Kalpakkam 07-OCT-2020 19-OCT-2020
7 BARCF/INRPK-MA/WU/TR/37/2020/RT Providing Technical Assistance for material Handling and Data Entry Operators for NRB-K Stores for one year 07-OCT-2020 16-OCT-2020




Revised DPS-P-13
 DPS-P-14 DPS-P-15 DPS-P-22
Revised DPS-P-22
Revised DPS-P-44

Additional conditions for Medicines tenders
Additional terms and conditions ( For Medicines only)

Special instructions to tenderers for supply of medicines under Rate Contract

Purchase Order Data of MRPU


Tender Notice No Name of Work Displayed on Last Date for sale

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