The Training School for fresh engineers and science post-graduates in physics, chemistry and materials science was started in September, 2006 at Kalpakkam. The focus was to nurture young talents in order to meet the urgent and growing need of scientific human resources with the right training. Initially, the training programme was conducted in three disciplines (viz.) Mechanical, Electronics & Instrumentation and Chemical Engineering with orientation towards Fast Reactor and associated Fuel Cycle Technologies. Realising the need to address R&D challenges in chemistry of fuel cycle and reactor physics for success in Fast Breeder Reactor and closing the fuel cycle technologies, training programme in Nuclear Fuel Cycle Chemistry and Nuclear Reactor Physics have commenced from the year 2007.
Taking into consideration, the decrease in the number of metallurgy graduates joining the Training School programme and to cater to the sustained demand for Materials Science specialists, the training programme in materials science stream is being conducted from 2008. A new orientation training was commenced in the discipline of Fast Reactor Engineering in 2018. The students trained in this discipline, as expected would take over as Operation Engineers for FBRs presently operational and also to be commissioned in future. Majority of the courses are taught by best of the experts from our Department, most of them from IGCAR. Expertise available in reputed academic institutions like Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and Anna University, Chennai are also utilized. Special lectures and visits to the laboratories form a part of the curriculum for the Trainee Scientific Officers. As a part of continuous mentoring exercise, evening interaction sessions with eminent personalities from India and abroad are organized at the Training School hostel. The training programme is conducted with holistic perspective to nurture and shape the young talent towards taking up the challenges of the Centre and the Department.
The salient features of the training school programme is to impart fundamentals and experience by practicing professionals thus ensuring that implicit and tacit knowledge is shared and cultivated. Continuity of intake and training sets a Chain Reaction ensuring that trained manpower is available at all times. Security of a job to those selected for training ensures their commitment and new training programmes introduced ensure supply of expert manpower according to changing nature of the requirements of the Department. About Five Hundred students have graduated from BARC Training School at Kalpakkam since its inception and have been placed in various Units of the Department like BARC, NPCIL, NFC, AERB, BHAVINI, RRCAT, BRIT, VECC, HWB, AMD and INO apart from IGCAR.

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