The First Steps
 towards the Big Leap....
March, 2006
A seed  was sown
Director, IGCAR writes to Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission seeking permission to start Training School at IGCAR
March, 2006
Formation of Infrastructure Committee on 21 March, 2006 and
Formation of Steering Committee for the proposed Training School by Director, IGCAR
April, 2006
First Meeting of the Steering Committee for constituting sub-committees to draw up the syllabus for the Training School
June, 2006
Formal approval from DAE for starting the Training School on 20 June, 2006
Advertisement in leading National Dailies on 25 June, 2006
Selection of Candidates at BARC, Mumbai (first eight candidates were selected) 
July, 2006
Approval from Chairman, AERB for holding the classes in their SRI building at IGCAR
September, 2006
Selection Interviews at Kalpakkam on 7 August, 2006
Trainees of the IGCAR – Training School Joined 
September, 2006
Inauguration of Training School
September, 2007
First batch TSO’s Graduated
Realising the need to address R&D challenges in chemistry of fuel cycle and reactor physics training programme in Nuclear Fuel Cycle Chemistry and Nuclear Reactor Physics have commenced
August 2008
Taking into consideration, the decrease in the number of metallurgy graduates joining the Training School programme and to cater to the sustained demand for Materials Science specialists, the training programme in materials science stream is being conducted .
First pour of concrete for new  training school building was started
Classes Started in New Training School Bulding
A new orientation training was commenced in the discipline of Fast Reactor Engineering