Civil Engineering Division



  • Construction of Tall Structures, Laboratories and Facility Buildings
  • Tall buildings pose unique challenges in construction with associated safety of personnel during construction. Construction challenges include providing the scaffolding system up to higher elevations as per the approved construction methodology, lifting of construction material and pumping of concrete at higher elevations, providing expansion joints, waterproofing of various laboratories and industrial buildings to achieve leak tightness. Project Planning & Management to complete the project within stipulated time period is another challenge and requirement of efficient construction team. Engineering Halls I to V, SGTF, Stacks, Overhead Water Tanks are some of the tall RCC structures constructed by CED and also tall prefabricated steel structures such as MSTF, ITSTF and RC structures of AUSC, DWR, EID-RTSD. In addition, performing operation & maintenance of public health systems, developing and maintaining landscapes, horticulture works and construction of health centers, canteen, parking facilities, roadways and any other infrastructures functionally intended towards the center’s goal.



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  • Operation of Fire water service system
  • The work comprises of checking and maintaining fire Hydrants, sluice valves, scour valves, air valves, motors and foot valves incorporated in the Fire water system network on monthly basis and checking the fire water line quarterly at various locations inside IGCAR as prescribed by AERB to ensure that the system functions properly with line being maintained at prescribed limit. Pressure at various locations is checked so as to ensure that minimum pressure of 4.4 kg/cm2 to 7.3 kg/cm2 is maintained throughout the pipe line network. The work also involves maintaining the log sheets on daily basis, weekly basis, and monthly basis and annually as per the norms prescribed by AERB.

  • Operation & Maintenance of water supply services
  • The work involves supplying and testing of drinking water regularly to monitor and ensure quality of water as per the parameters specified in the Indian Standards. As a part of COVID CARE nearly 270 nos of hand operated prismatic taps are replaced by Foot operated taps so as to maintain hand hygiene. The work also includes maintenance of valves, maintaining network of pipe lines and cleaning of underground sump and overhead tanks, repairing of water line burst and maintenances of water supply and sanitary appliances etc on regular basis.


  • Parking facilities and Road works:
  • Roadways within the plant consists of asphaltic concrete road, bituminous concrete road, berm filling and red earth filling.Two wheeler and four wheeler parking facilities are also designed and constructed for sheltering vehicles plying in plant site.For the north plant site road construction for approaching various proposed buildings are laid in phased manners. The main roads are developed for two lane traffic which has a 7.5 m wide carriage way and the internal roads are of 4.5m wide carriage way. The road crest thickness consists of Sub grade filling, Granular Sub base (GSB), Wet mix macadam (WMM), dense bitumen macadam (DBM) over embankment filling.

  • Development and Maintenance of Horticulture and landscaping
  • In IGCAR plant site, developmental activities are carried out for a good Horticultural programme. Being, research centre IGCAR having its own infrastructure which includes the green belt development. Adequate green cover not only maintain the environment but also gives an aesthetic appearance. According to the greenery criteria, IGCAR having A total area of about 1,30,000 sq.m under developed projects has a mandateto develop Green cover by way of lawn for nearly 1,30,000 sq.m area. Over all in DAE complex Lawn of nearly 90,000sq.m area has been developed so far in IGCAR complex and 40,000 sq.m in UGC, IFFRM,STC, Training school & Main gate complex area. This being maintained with help of garden water supply fully utilizing the effluent water of STP, with a designated effluent specific to garden watering system.



    With a 51 years of successive experience in construction of Nuclear & Non-Nuclear safety related structures, Industrial Buildings and Modular Labs the senior officials of CED are having elite expertise in following fields of major civil construction which acts as a prime source of knowledge transfer and guidance to all young officers and assistants working in the Civil Engineering Division of IGCAR.

    In addition, Civil Engineering division is also having dedicated teams having expertise in Operation and Maintenance of Fire Water Systems, Operation and Maintenance of Public Health Related Systems such as Water Supply System, Sewage Treatment Plant.


    In order to execute specific construction activities, Civil Engineering Division possess equipments such as Laser Tape (for measurements more accurate than conventional tape measurement), Total Station (to perform fast and accurate measurement of co-ordinates of a station, horizontal distances, levels and plotting of contours etc.), Pressure Gauges (for pressure measurement in pipes for water supply) etc.