Contracts Management & Major Works Division



  • E-Tendering Process
  • Successful implementation of e-Tendering processing for civil works at IGCAR. E-tendering is carrying out all the tendering activities from the advertising of the requirement through website upto placing of the contract in an electronic form, using the internet. The main objective for e-tendering is to bring security, authenticity and accountability in a transparent way for the tendering process. The main advantages of the e-tendering process include: faster turnaround time, greater transparency, economic and eco-friendly, access to information all through the day, ease and speed with which changes or clarifications to the tender documents can be notified, enabling the bidder to modify or withdraw their bids any time prior to the closure of the tender, automatic rejection of incomplete bids, thereby giving bidders the opportunity to correct them, arguably expands the market by allowing smaller companies greater access, regardless of location, to respond in a cost-effective way without the traditional concern of how to get the bid in on time and arguably expands the market to a greater number of bidders and to bidders to a greater number of projects.


  • Works Contract Management System (WCMS)
  • This Works Contracts Management System is an indigenous GUI developed for works contracts of CWG.
    CM&BPS/CMWD/CEG operates the software system for works contract management by recording the details of in-coming estimates, files and other office correspondences etc., and monitors the file/estimate movements and action taken for clearing the proposals. WCMS activity has been further extended for online billing and online budget for ongoing works from site to accounts which involves work order, agreement uploading to systems by CM & BPs, after that M book allotment, work measurement entry, checking, upload and approve by CED/CEG, generation billing with measurement, abstract, secured advance, escalation billing, variation statement and comparative statement, pass order, payments etc. up to end of the project operated by CED/CEG. This WCMS also helps in monitoring online budget control, which shows the BE/RE, Actual Expenditure, target of expenditure by monthly, annually and project wise the budget commitment vis. a vis. Expenditure by way of RA bills through.


    The WCMS essentially consists of the following module as enumerated below.

    Sr. No Name of the Module Scope of Module
    1 Modules for preparation of Computerized Billing Measurement System and associated statements
    Staff Registration, Work Order details Registration, upload Schedule of Quantities, and assign M-Books to engineers.
    Measurement Modules for Running Account Bills with upload the measurement excel sheer for General item and Steel item modules given to validating and editing the Measurements Uploaded data.
    Sub Abstract & Abstract Modules for Running Account Bills
    2 Modules for System of computerized billing measurement Checking, Accounting and Associated statements
    Check the measurements in upward and downward process.
    Accounts section Separate home page with to Staff Registration. Under creation and access rights. Modules provides to Accounts to view the Work order details and schedule of quantities option under Agreement Menu in Accounts Section Module. Module provides to Accounts to view the total number of Measurement Books waiting for their approval in different work orders which sent by Civil Section.
    Accounts Section to view and edit the Memo of Payment in Abstract Book in Measurement Books Menu in Accounts Section Module. Module provides to view the detailed recoveries and deductions entered by Civil Section and allow editing recoveries and deductions entered by Civil Section through this module.
    3 Modules for System of computerized billing Escalation, Secured advance, Final bill, measurement Checking, Accounting and Associated statements.
    Modules for System of computerized billing Escalation, Secured advance, Final bill, measurement Checking, Accounting and Associated statements.
    General Recovery Module provides to maintaining Recovery values.
    To prepare a Final Bill, to generate and view the part payment balance bill amount and provision given to settle or hold the balance amount and if it is not willing to pay / hold provision given to enter the reason to hold. To generate Completion certificate, Inspection Certificate, No Claim certificate, final bill certificate. To generate Variation Statement for every RAB and final bill. To get the Overall Summary of Check Measurement.
    4 Development of administrative & technical modules for Civil Engineering Division
    Well-designed informative dash board provides essential, decision-ready information and heuristic guidelines in user cantered design with high visibility, easy-navigation for top Management. Modules Provides for User creation, User administration and assigning access rights to create, view, and edit to enable users to interact with the functionality for all the modules. Modules provide for Staff profile creation and update
    Every Estimate process Notifications send to Architectural & Design Section in alert message. Modules provide to enter the details of Outward files and papers to in and out sections and divisions and other groups also for record purpose.
    Provide to Accounts Section to get the expiry alarm notifications of Performance guarantee, security deposit and Measurement Book return to Civil notification.
    5 Development of Budget and Work flow related modules for Civil Engineering Group
    Budget preparation with Pin number entry / view and update the details and modules for head of account entry/ view and update the details.
    Budget control modules with facilities to update the expenditure form for every quarter in the financial year for all the work.
    Generating Registers of technical sanction, NIT, EMD and Agreement with the facilities to prepare the registers and to enter the details of work order, technical sanction, NIT, bidders EMD refund details and agreement details. Withdraw and remark up option for staff involved in the particular file/ paper. Modules provide to restore the file from history option (previously closed or filed paper) to section head. Modules provide to list the birthday and retirement of the staff in the month wise.
    6 Development Modules for Schedule of Rates Package for Civil Engineering Group
    Item Master for Material, Labour, Hiring charges and Miscellaneous.
    Rate Analysis Modules for the schedule of rates
    Rate analysis datasheet confirmation modules, Schedule of quantity display modules and Abstract modules.

    WCMS presently fully completed and implemented for operations of estimates & contracts staff as well as site engineers and supervisor for file/estimates, billing, and budget activity. Modules for online estimates, Schedule of Rates have been added further. Preparation and its operation are undergoing improvement to enhance the overall efficiency for carrying out the contract management and budget monitoring works, in a systematic manner.