Pyro Process Engineering Division


  • Erection, testing & commissioning of Pyro Process R&D facility (PPRDF)
  • Commissioning of argon atmosphere containment box (500 m3) and auxiliary systems
  • Modelling and analysis of pyro process systems and components
  • Development & demonstration of instrumentation and control systems suitable for pyro facility
  • Development of salt and cadmium pumps for engineering scale facilities
  • Demonstration of flow sheet for pyro-chemical reprocessing of metallic fuels
  • Demonstration of all unit operations in pyro process in engineering scale
  • Carry out engineering scale electro refining experiments on U and U-Zr alloys
  • Achievements

  • Demonstrated electrorefining of U and U based alloys at 1Kg level in pyro demo facility
  • Demonstrated cathode processing and consolidation of U and U based alloys
  • Li-Cd alloy was prepared in-house, Actinide Draw Down and Back Extraction with U demonstrated
  • Heat capacity measurements on various nuclear fuel, blanket and control rod materials were carried out
  • Expertise


  • Heat capacity measurements on Pu based nuclear fuels by high temperature drop calorimetry which is integrated with inert atmosphere glove box
  • FIB-SEM with EDX to analyse and characterise various samples