SQUID & Detector Technology Division


  • SQUID & Detector Technology Division (SDTD) focuses mainly on using SQUID based systems for applications. Magneto-Cardiography (MCG) and Magneto-Encephalography (MEG) have been successfully designed, assembled, standardized and used for clinical studies. Further, SQUID based measuring systems such as high field SQUID magnetometer, SQUID VSM, SQUID based set-up for Non- Destructive Evaluation (NDE) have been developed. SDTD also carries out intense research activities related to using SQUID based time domain electromagnetic measurements (TDEM) and geophysical explorations using TDEM.

  • Another major thrust research area of this division is the development of gamma irradiation detectors. Towards this the researchers have grown highly resistive CdTe single crystals and developed a gamma detector for pulse height spectroscopic studies. This research activity is being actively pursued to develop compact semiconductor based detectors with enhanced efficiency, and technologically important single crystals for detector applications.
  • Achievements