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Tenders of Major Works at IGCAR

Sr.No Tender Notice No Name of Work Published on Last Date
  newIGCAR/MMG/NDED/House Keeping/BSA/01/2022 Service contract for housekeeping at MMG, IGCAR 29-JUN-2022 09-JUL-2022
  newCEG/IGC/1781/2022 Modification of RDL Front office, Drawing office along with PA and Waiting room in IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 29-JUN-2022 04-JUL-2022
  newMSG/IGC/1100/2022 Housekeeping services in MSG, IGCAR, Kalpakkam 29-JUN-2022 16-JUL-2022
  IGC/RDTG/SFG/DDRSD/ESS/RRP/2022/01 Fixing of heaters, thermocouples, wire type sodium leak detectors, thermal insulation and aluminium cladding on pipe lines and components of STC 28-JUN-2022 15-JUL-2022
  IGC/TS/AMC/2022/11487 Annual maintenance contract for various capacities of ventilation blowers and Air Handling Units in RML,IGCAR 28-JUN-2022 08-JUL-2022
  IGC/TS/MECH/2022/11250 Providing technical assistance to fabrication, machining, and maintenance of work shop machinery at PIED, MCEG, MMG, IGCAR, Kalpakkam 24-JUN-2022 14-JUL-2022
  IGC/ESG/ESD/T-1551/2022 Replacement of 230 kV bushings, gaskets and servicing of 25 MVA, IGCAR Transformer-1 at MAPPS, Kalpakkam 24-JUN-2022 08-JUL-2022
  IGC/ESG/ESD/T-1543/2022 Housekeeping services in Technical services Buildings at IGCAR, Kalpakkam 21-JUN-2022 04-JUL-2022
newAmendment 1
Providing engineering services for Techno-Economic studies related to  1) common raft concepts and 2) separate raft of single containment with and without liner and double containment for FBR 1 & 2 at Kalpakkam 17-JUN-2022
Corrigendum 1
Maintenance of Analogue addressable Fire Alarm systems installed in various buildings of IGCAR, DAE complex, Kalpakkam for the year 2022-23 16-JUN-2022 04-JUL-2022
  IGCAR/RFG/RMD/EM/eTR-04/2022 Annual maintenance of lighting & general power supply distribution and batteries in FBTR 15-JUN-2022 28-JUN-2022
  CEG/IGC/1816/2022 Providing Engineering assistance for Civil Design activities in CEG, IGCAR at Kalpakkam 15-JUN-2022 17-JUN-2022
  IGCAR/RDTG/CHMD/2022-04 Technical services related to conducting experiments and recording data at NSDG 15-JUN-2022 02-JUL-2022

Tenders of Major Works at BARCF

Sr.No Tender Notice No Name of Work Published on Last Date
  newBARCF/INRPK-MA/WU/TR/101/2022 Operation and maintenance of mechanical equipments at UOF in round the clock shift for the period 2022-2023 06-JUL-2022 25-JUL-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/KA/TR-116/2022/RT Fabrication and supply of SS 304L HULL Drums for KARP & KARP-II 05-JUL-2022 21-JUL-2022
  BARC/NRB/FRFCF/MECH/WF/034/2022 Periodic Annual Maintenance Contract for RO water filters at FRFCF site 05-JUL-2022 18-JUL-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/WU/TR/99/202 Providing Technical Assistance for Mechanical construction and Drawing preparation works for Augmentation of WIP 04-JUL-2022 26-JUL-2022
  BARC/NRB/FRFCF/FFP/TR/004/2022 Design, fabrication & supply of SS316 glove box with glass panels & SS316 panels along with accessories; fabrication and supply of SS304 panels; Installation of panels and accessories for formation of glove box train; leak testing of glove box train at FRFCF site,NRB,Kalpakkam 04-JUL-2022 20-JUL-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-IM/KA/TR-158/2022 Providing technical assistance for Operation and Maintenance of various equipments and other related works in Head End system of KARP and SFSF, Kalpakkam 04-JUL-2022 20-JUL-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/CW/TS/43/2022 Providing technical assistance for Maintenance of Lighting, Motors, Earthing & Electrical Systems at CWMF, INRP-K, BARC-F Kalpakkam 01-JUL-2022 22-JUL-2022
  NRB/FRFCF/CIVIL/2022/028 Construction of Allied service duct supporting structure at FRFCF project site, Kalpakkam 01-JUL-2022 21-JUL-2022
  NRB/FRFCF/CIVIL/2022/033 Construction of Strom water drain and Culverts connecting to outfall - 6 at FRFCF Project site, Kalpakkam 29-JUN-2022 27-JUL-2022
  NRB/FRFCF/CIVIL/2022/028 Construction of Allied service duct supporting structure at FRFCF project site, Kalpakkam 29-JUN-2022 20-JUL-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/WC/TR/10/2022 Maintenance contract for housekeeping at WIP, UOF and VWSF for 2022-2023, INRPK, Kalpakkam 28-JUN-2022 15-JUL-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/WU/TR/101/2022 Operation and maintenance of mechanical equipments at UOF in Round the clock shift and General shift for the period 2022-2023 28-JUN-2022 25-JUL-2022
  BARCF/NDDP/EI/TR/17/2022 Extension of Fire Alarm System to new facilities in NDDP, Kalpakkam 27-JUN-2022 08-JUL-2022
  BARCF/INRPK/HPLAB/TR/02/2022 Submission of drawing, fabrication, supply and installation  of customized modular furniture at HP Lab, Kalpakkam 23-JUN-2022 11-JUL-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/KA/Tr-131/2022 Construction of RR masonry storm water drain and kerb wall at eastern side of KARP gate 23-JUN-2022 07-JUL-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/KA/Tr-130A/2022 Annual Maintenance Contract for cutting and clearing of light jungle and cleaning the area in physical protection fence in KARP complex during the year 2022-2023 23-JUN-2022 18-JUL-2022
  BARCF/NRB(K)/FRFCF/WM/TR-1/2022 Stainless Steel lining works of hull compaction block and other areas of WMP, FRFCF Project 23-JUN-2022 10-JUL-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/WC/TR/5/2022 Maintenance contract for Lawn at WIP, UOF, VWSF and NSB for 2022-23, INRPK, Kalpakkam 21-JUN-2022 09-JUL-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/WC/TR/4/2022 Lawn Development around VWSF building, BARCF, Kalpakkam 21-JUN-2022 09-JUL-2022
  BARCF/INRPK/ MA/KA /TR/97/2021 Modification of the existing RRC Starters and Slip Ring Motors with Variable frequency Drive (VFD) Control Panels and Squirrel Cage Induction Motors for Air Compressor systems A and B of KARP and
BARCF Kalpakkam
21-JUN-2022 22-JUN-2022
  BARCF/INRPK/HPLAB/2022/01 Technical assistance in Lung counting, whole body counting and bio-assay laboratory, bio-assay sample processing, environmental sample analysis and house keeping works at HP Lab, Kalpakkam 20-JUN-2022 06-JUL-2022
  BARCF/INRPK- MA/KA/TR-125/2022 Maintaining clean condition of floor areas, cleaning the toilets & showers in inactive & restricted areas and disposal of garbages / refuses in KARP & KARP-II premises during the period 2022-23 17-JUN-2022 11-JUL-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/WC/TR/6/2022 Maintenance contract for Masonry works at WIP, UOF, VWSF and NSB- INRPK, Kalpakkam 16-JUN-2022 02-JUL-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-IM/KA/TR-166/2022 Providing Technical Assistance for Operation and Maintenance of equipments in Mechanical section of KARP & KARP-II, Kalpakkam 16-JUN-2022 05-JUL-2022
Amendment 1
Providing Structural Steel and Rectification work of Lead Storage warehouse building at FRFCF Project site, Kalpakkam 15-JUN-2022
  BARC/NRB/FRFCF/MECH/ACV/024/2022 Comprehensive annual maintenance of split (wall mounted & cassette type), window and ductable packaged air conditioning units installed at FRFCF site, Kalpakkam 15-JUN-2022 24-JUN-2022
  NRB/FRFCF/CIVIL/2022/032 Construction of Balance work for Security cum Time office building at FRFCF project site, Kalpakkam 15-JUN-2022 12-JUL-2022
  NRB/FRFCF/CIVIL/2022/027 Construction of Occupational Health Centre and Miscellaneous works at FRFCF project site, Kalpakkam 15-JUN-2022 12-JUL-2022
  BARCF/NRB/FRFCF/FFP/2022/025 Supply and fabrication of stainless steel stand, customized fire detector mounting plate, stud and screws, customized clamp for wires and power distribution boxes as per the technical specifications at FRFCF site, NRB, Kalpakkam 10-JUN-2022 27-JUN-2022
  BARCF/FRFCF/ME/TR/1/2022/017 Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of air conditioning and ventilation system for Core Subassembly Plant of FRFCF, Kalpakkam 09-JUN-2022 25-JUN-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/CW/TR/32/2022 Construction of embankment for peripheral road and boundary wall for NSDF-II site at BARCF Kalpakkam 09-JUN-2022 24-JUN-2022

Public Tenders from MRPU, CHENNAI

Sr.No Tender Notice No Name of Work Published on Last Date
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