Tenders of Major Works at IGCAR

Sr.No Tender Notice No Name of Work Published on Last Date
  newIGC/RDTG/SHTD/SCS/2022-05 Repair of corroded Stainless Steel Liquid Effluent tanks in Fuel Building and ACCL at PFBR 25 -NOV-2022 28 -DEC-2022
  newIGC/MCMFCG/MFRG/MFES/ELE/0109/2022 Fabrication, supply and installation of induction heater control panel at IGCAR, Kalpakkam 25 -NOV-2022 06 -DEC-2022
  newCEG/IGC/1852/2022 Annual masonry, miscellaneous works in various labs and buildings and collection & disposal of garbage & refuse during the year 2023 in FBTR
Complex at IGCAR, Kalpakkam.
23 -NOV-2022 02 -DEC-2022
  newCEG/IGC/1851/2022 Annual maintenance of Aluminium doors, windows & wooden doors, windows for the year 2023 in FBTR Complex at IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 23 -NOV-2022 02 -DEC-2022
  newCEG/IGC/1850/2022 Annual maintenance of Fire rated doors & panels for the year 2022-2023 in FBTR & RML Complex at IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 23 -NOV-2022 02 -DEC-2022
  newCEG/IGC/1849/2022 Repairing the damaged water proofing at roof terrace of HASL building at IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 23 -NOV-2022 02 -DEC-2022
  newCEG/IGC/1848/2022 Operation and Maintenance of Fire water system during the year 2023-2024 in IGCAR at Kalpakkam. 23 -NOV-2022 02 -DEC-2022
  newCEG/IGC/1847/2022 Cleaning of Storm water drains and roads, water table etc., in Southern side of IGCAR premises 2023-2024 at Kalpakkam. 23 -NOV-2022 02 -DEC-2022
  IGCAR/ESG/ACVSD/ACMS/T-213/2022 Fabrication and erection of AC ducts and other associated works at IGCAR, Kalpakkam 22 -NOV-2022 27 -NOV-2022
  IGCAR/RDTG/SMD/584/2022-23 Technical services related to experiments, data collection and Analysis at SMD 21 -NOV-2022 03 -DEC-2022
  IGCAR/ESG/ACVSD/ACMS/T-214/2022 Annual Maintenance Contract for package chillers, package Air conditioners and VRF AC systems installed at various locations in IGCAR, Kalpakkam 18 -NOV-2022 29 -NOV-2022
  CEG/IGC/1846/2022 Annual maintenance of lawns, flower beds, hedges, trees and other miscellaneous works at Plot-B, DAE Nodal Centre, Chennai during the year 2023-2024. 17 -NOV-2022 22 -NOV-2022
  CEG/IGC/1845/2022 Providing and fixing water meters and constructing chambers at various locations in IGCAR at Kalpakkam 17 -NOV-2022 22 -NOV-2022
  CEG/IGC/1844/2022 Cleaning of Storm water drains and roads, water table etc., in Northern side of IGCAR premises 2023-2024 at Kalpakkam. 17 -NOV-2022 22 -NOV-2022
  CEG/IGC/1843/2022 Earth work excavation on drain mouth outlets and adjacent sides of the drains inside IGCAR areas during the year 2023-2024 at Kalpakkam. 17 -NOV-2022 22 -NOV-2022
  CEG/IGC/1842/2022 Modification of RDL Front office, Drawing office along with PA and Waiting room in IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 17 -NOV-2022 22 -NOV-2022
  IGCAR/RFG/EMS/E-TR-11/22 Annual Servicing and maintenance of window air conditioners and split AC units in FBTR, IFSB & KAMINI for the year 2022-23 15 -NOV-2022 25 -NOV-2022
  IGCAR/ ESG /ACVSD /ACMS/T-212/2022 Supply, erection, testing and commissioning of AHU & its
associated works at AUSC lab, IGCAR, Kalpakkam.
10 -NOV-2022 20 -NOV-2022
  IGC/MC&MFCG/MFRG/CFED/MFES/NK/2022/01 Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of ventilation and air conditioning systems for B-10 lab at boron building, MC&MFCG, IGCAR, Kalpakkam 09 -NOV-2022 20 -NOV-2022
End-to-end solution for recruitment to Medical and Para-Medical posts in DAE 04 -NOV-2022
16 -NOV-2022
23 -NOV-2022
  IGCAR/SQRMG/HISD/IFSS/OHS/eTR-01/2022 Assistance towards the implementation of Occupational Health Services at IGCAR including Construction Sites for a period of two years (2022-2024) 04 -NOV-2022 18 -NOV-2022
Amendment 1
Amendment 2
Internet Leased Line (ILL) at IGCAR, Kalpakkam 02 -NOV-2022
07 -NOV-2022
21 -NOV-2022
02 -DEC-2022
  CEG/IGC/1841/2022 Providing and laying sewer line from UGC to STP in North plant site of IGCAR at Kalpakkam 02 -NOV-2022 07 -NOV-2022
Amendment 1
Operation and Maintenance of sewerage system in IGCAR during the year 2023-2024 at Kalpakkam. 02 -NOV-2022
14 -NOV-2022
16 -NOV-2022
Amendment 1
Providing and laying sprinkler and PVC line at West zone garden in IGCAR at Kalpakkam 02 -NOV-2022
14 -NOV-2022
21 -NOV-2022
Amendment 1
Providing and fixing pumps in garden sumps and laying PVC lines for garden in East zone of IGCAR at kalpakkam. 02 -NOV-2022
14 -NOV-2022
21 -NOV-2022
  IGC/RpG/RpMD(Mech)/PEMSS/TR-243/2022 Segregation, handling and disposal scrap / debris, cleaning, degreasing and passivation on surface of tanks, equipment, floor lining, SS pipes and plates at various locations of hot cells in DFRP 31-OCT-2022 09 -NOV-2022
  CEG/IGC/1839/2022 Providing and laying new water supply line from main gate pump house to diamond jubilee and making connection to existing 500mm dia DI pipeline of IGCAR at Kalpakkam 28-OCT-2022 07 -NOV-2022
  CEG/IGC/1838/2022 Jungle clearance at plant area and cleaning the road surfaces around RDL, RGAS, RRDD and DFRP complex in IGCAR, Kalpakkam annually during the year 2022-2023 28-OCT-2022 07 -NOV-2022
  CEG/IGC/1837/2022 Clearing the light jungle along the drains and mouth outlets inside plant site, IGCAR new gate to watch tower 1 and KKM side outlets during the year 2023-2024 at IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 28-OCT-2022 07 -NOV-2022
  CEG/IGC/1824/2022 Modification of SS Bollards and BT Road surface at DAE Main gate Vehicle entry point in IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 28-OCT-2022 07 -NOV-2022

Tenders of Major Works at BARCF

Sr.No Tender Notice No Name of Work Published on Last Date
  newBARCF/NDDP/ME/TR/19/2022 Supply, Fabrication and installation of steam traps, valves and fittings in HP and LP steam line in MSF plant at NDDP & MAPS campus, Kalpakkam  22-NOV-2022 09 -DEC-2022
  newBARCF/INRPK- MA/KA/TR-147/2022 Construction of underground raw water storage sump (502A) in KARP complex (RT)  22-NOV-2022 30 -NOV-2022
  newBARC/NRB/FRFCF/FRP/ETR-048/2022 Supply of SS pipe fittings and supporting structural members and fabrication, welding & erection of Stainless Steel piping system at Analytical area, FRP, FRFCF 21 -NOV-2022 09 -DEC-2022
  NRB/FRFCF/AMC/2022/089 Annual Maintenance and load testing of material handling equipments at FRFCF site for the year 2022-23 18 -NOV-2022 25 -NOV-2022
  BARCF/NRB(K)/FRFCF/WM/TR-2/2022 Equipment installation and associated SS piping work at Delay Tank area of WMP, FRFCF Project 17 -NOV-2022 10 -DEC-2022
  BARCF/NDDP/EI/TR/20/2022 Providing technical assistance for maintenance activities of instrumentation systems in NDDP, BARCF, Kalpakkam 16 -NOV-2022 05 -DEC-2022
  BARC/NRB/FRFCF/FRP/ETR-063/2022 Supply, fabrication, welding, painting and erection of stainless steel & mild steel supporting structure members for RSW and WTF area at FRFCF 11 -NOV-2022 28 -NOV-2022
  BARC/PRPD/PMSS/WCO/K-2778/2022 Technical assistance for annual maintenance of Equipment in Site & Utility Systems for year 2022-23 11 -NOV-2022 24 -NOV-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/CW/TR/48/2022 Construction of buildings at RC Dyke area in CWMF complex 11 -NOV-2022 21 -NOV-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/KA/TR/137/2022 Providing Industrial type Illumination System at various areas of INRPK 10 -NOV-2022 05 -DEC-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/WC/TR/16/2022 Construction of toilets for INRPK Facilities, BARCF, Kalpakkam 09 -NOV-2022 30 -NOV-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/KA/TR/148/2022 Annual Contract for Condition Monitoring, vibration analysis, balancing, rectification supervision, laser alignment, MCSA and oil analysis of Critical Rotary Equipment’s in white & radioactive area of KARP, KARP-II, CWMF & SFSF, Kalpakkam 03 -NOV-2022 18 -NOV-2022
  NRB/FRFCF/CIVIL/2022/083 Construction of Boiler Building at FRFCF Project site, Kalpakkam 02 -NOV-2022 14 -NOV-2022
  NRB/FRFCF/CIVIL/2022/082 Annual Maintenance of Infrastructure Buildings of FRFCF for the year 2022-23 at FRFCF project site, Kalpakkam 02 -NOV-2022 21 -NOV-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/CW/TR/40/2022 Construction of 98 Nos. of 950 Dia Tile Holes (Group XX) in CWMF Complex at Kalpakkam 28-OCT-2022 17 -NOV-2022
  BARCF/NRB/ADMN(G)/OS/03/2022 Providing Assistance for works like Data Entry in Computer, typing etc., in Various Divisions OF NRB, BARC Facilities, Kalpakkam 28-OCT-2022 15 -NOV-2022
  BARCF/NRB/ADMN(G)/OS/01/2022 Providing Office Assistance in Various Divisions of NRB, BARCF Kalpakkam 28-OCT-2022 15 -NOV-2022
  BARC/FRFCF/UT/CS-TK/2022/TR-15 Supply, fabrication and Testing of Carbon Steel Air Receiver Tanks for FRFCF, Kalpakkam 27-OCT-2022 15 -NOV-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/WU/TR/111/2022 Design, Manufacturing, Testing, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of HT Incomer-cum-Outgoing (ICOG) panels as a replacement for existing HT panels at INRP-K, Kalpakkam 25-OCT-2022 21 -NOV-2022
  BARCF/INRPK- MA/KA/TR-145/2022 Development and maintenance of lawn and laying garden water supply line around WSCD Annex. building during the year 2022-2023 25-OCT-2022 16 -NOV-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/WU/TR/112/2022 Technical Assistance for maintenance activities of Electronics and Instrumentation system at restricted areas of WIP, ITF & VWSF Kalpakkam 21-OCT-2022 22 -NOV-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/WU/TR/108/2022 Fabrication, supply, installation & testing of Transmitter racks with transmitters and associated SS tubing, cabling & termination for North cell of WIP, Kalpakkam 20-OCT-2022 15-NOV-2022
  BARCF/AUGF/ME/TR/8/2022 Supply of raw material ,Fabrication and Erection of work station and full height partition in existing temporary structure in AUGF, MPDD, BARC Facilities(K) 19-OCT-2022 31-OCT-2022
  BARCF/NRB/INRPK-MA/WU/TR/110/2022 Miscellaneous SS304L Piping, Structural & Equipment fabrication Works for UOF,INRPK 19-OCT-2022 16-NOV-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/WU/TR/84/2021/RT Supply, Installation, Piping, Testing & Commissioning of reciprocating air compressors complete with all accessories, auxiliaries and spares 13-OCT-2022 26-NOV-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/KA/TR-140/2022 Annual Maintenance Contract for water supply & sanitary facilities in 507,507-S, 508, 508-S and other buildings of KARP &KARP-II 12-OCT-2022 04-NOV-2022
  NRB/FRFCF/MECH/DMWS/021/2022 Supply, fabrication, installation and testing of SS304L liner for DM water building at FRFCF project site, Kalpkkam 26-OCT-2022 21-NOV-2022

Public Tenders from MRPU, CHENNAI

Sr.No Tender Notice No Name of Work Published on Last Date