Tenders of Major Works at IGCAR

Sr.No Tender Notice No Name of Work Published on Last Date
  newCEG/IGC/1822/2022 Construction of floating Jetty for patrolling boat at outfall channel, in DAE premises, Kalpakkam 08-AUG-2022 16-AUG-2022
  Expression of Interest Upgradation of IGCAR-DAE Information Centre 05-AUG-2022 08-AUG-2022
  IGC/ESG/ESD/T-1559/2022 Power supply arrangement for AUSC and Electrification of ITSTF building at IGCAR, Kalpakkam 03-AUG-2022 24-AUG-2022
  IGC/ESG/ESD/T-1542/2022 Internal Electrification of SED Storage and CACP extension buildings at IGCAR, Kalpakkam 03-AUG-2022 18-AUG-2022
  IGC/RDTG/PPCD/PLAS/AIRLOCK/2022/01 Local leakage rate test for Personnel & Emergency Airlocks and Sealing of MAL inner door towards RCB Superimposition test 01-AUG-2022 18-AUG-2022
  IGC/TS/MISC/2022/11509 Providing Assistance in fuel handling activities and cleaning of Active and contaminated area in FBTR, IGCAR, Kalpakkam 29-JUL-2022 16-AUG-2022
  IGC/RFG/OMG/TSD/CE& PS/T-11560/2022-24 Carrying out surveillance of filter testing, sodium sample collection, testing of liquid effluent lines and miscellaneous works in TSD/CE&PS of RFG at IGCAR, Kalpakkam for the year 2022 29-JUL-2022 16-AUG-2022
  IGC/RDTG/ETHD/Low bay structure hall IV/2022 Material supply, fabrication and erection of support structure in Low Bay Hall IV 27-JUL-2022 08-AUG-2022
  IGC/ESG/ESD/T-1545/2022 Testing of HV Equipment, laying of HV cables and other associated works at IGCAR, Kalpakkam 27-JUL-2022 08-AUG-2022
  IGC/ESG/AC&VSD/T-206/2022 Design, manufacture, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of 10 Ton capacity EOT crane at SGIDS & RHIDS building at IGCAR. 19-JUL-2022 01-AUG-2022
  CEG/IGC/1821/2022 Providing and fixing of Fencing around Terminal building near KKM gate at IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 14-JUL-2022 18-JUL-2022


Providing Weather Proof Sealant, Wall Panelling & other Miscellaneous Civil Works in DAE Main Gate Centre at IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 14-JUL-2022



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Providing interior and exterior painting for Training School and Training Center, ANDE, Central Stores and other areas in IGCAR at Kalpakkam during the year 2022-2023. 14-JUL-2022


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Providing engineering services for Techno-Economic studies related to  1) common raft concepts and 2) separate raft of single containment with and without liner and double containment for FBR 1 & 2 at Kalpakkam 17-JUN-2022



Tenders of Major Works at BARCF

Sr.No Tender Notice No Name of Work Published on Last Date
  newBARCF/INRPK- MA/KA/TR-134/2022 Annual painting contract for walls, floors and other areas including civil structures in active & inactive areas of KARP and KARP-II plants 04-AUG-2022 29-AUG-2022
  newBARCF/INRPK-MA/KA/TR-130/2022 Annual contract for masonry works in various lab and buildings in KARP & KARP-II complex during the year 2022-23 04-AUG-2022 29-AUG-2022
  BARCF/NDDP/CI/ET/27/2022 Structural Repairs and Protective Coating to MSF support structure Module-1 to 8 & Brine heater area in NDDP, MPDD, BARCF, Kalpakkam 03-AUG-2022 25-AUG-2022
  BARC/PRPD/MS/848/MW/T/K-2729/2022 Annual Maintenance of Lighting and Power Installations at PRPD, for the year 2022-23 02-AUG-2022 10-AUG-2022
  BARCF/FRFCF/IC/TR/011/2022 Upgradation & augmentation of CCTV network including supply, installation, cabling and commissioning of new cameras & additional storages in infra area of FRFCF, Kalpakkam 01-AUG-2022 23-AUG-2022
  BARCF/NRB/FRFCF/FFP-RUP/TE/2022/ETR-038 The scope of work includes Handling, transportation, alignment, skidding, welding of leg supports and erection of LLLW and fire waste water tanks (16nos.) in FFP LLLW pit at El (-)8.2m. and handling & erection of 1 no. of Saddle supported Sump tank in RUP at El (-) 5.2m. at FRFCF, Kalpakkam. The scope of work also includes supply and installation of 100 no. of SS fasteners 01-AUG-2022 30-AUG-2022
  BARCF/NRB/FRFCF/RUP&CSP/2022/ETR-037 Procurement of raw material, fabrication, inspection & testing, packing & transportation, delivery, erection & installation of SS304L containers (fuel & blanket) at FRFCF, Kalpakkam 01-AUG-2022 30-AUG-2022
  BARCF/KNRPC/PP/TR/117/2022 Fabrication & Supply of pulsing spare parts and Installation & Testing in pulsing solenoid valves 01-AUG-2022 16-AUG-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/WC/TR/14/2022 Providing Technical Assistance for operation & maintenance of Remote Handling Equipments & Material Handling works at restricted areas of WIP, Kalpakkam for the period 2022-2023 29-JUL-2022 17-AUG-2022
  PRPD/ST/DIS/K-2660/2022 Disposal of Condemned Ashok Leyland Bus 199 Model Registration No. TN21 T3387 29-JUL-2022 19-AUG-2022
  BARCF/FRFCF/SA/TR/1/2022/26/RT Providing nursing services for Occupational Health Centre (OHC) of FRFCF, Kalpakkam 27-JUL-2022 05-AUG-2022
  BARCF/FRFCF/UTL/TR/2022/1/052 Surface cleaning and painting with primers on fire hydrant piping network and associated accessories at infra area ofFRFCF, Kalpakkam 25-JUL-2022 17-AUG-2022
  BARC/NRB/FRFCF/MECH/UTILITY/2022/1 Maintenance contract for operation and maintenance of the UGST domestic & sewage treatment plant water pumps at infra-area's pump house at FRFCF, NRB and IGCAR reservoirs at Kalpakkam 22-JUL-2022 05-AUG-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-HP/TL/2/2022 Providing Technical Assistance in TLD Lab of BARC Facilities at CWMF Complex 22-JUL-2022 16-AUG-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/WU/TR/105/2022 Providing Technical Assistance for Material Handling & Miscellaneous Piping/Structural Modification Works in General & RTC Shifts at UOF, INRP-Kalpakkam 22-JUL-2022 16-AUG-2022
  PRPD/NF-CE/ATS/K-2726/2022 Outdoor Fogging Operation for Mosquito control at PRP Township, Anupuram 21-JUL-2022 04-AUG-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/CW/TR/36/2022 Construction of 40 Nos. of Brick wall trenches in CWMF Complex 20-JUL-2022 08-AUG-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/WC/TR/13/2022 Providing Technical Assistance for general fabrication, machining & material handling works at Mechanical workshop-WIP, Kalpakkam for the period 2022-2023 20-JUL-2022 12-AUG-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/WC/TR/12/2022 Providing tractor for disposal of debris at WIP, INRPK for the period 2022-2023 19-JUL-2022 08-AUG-2022
  BARCF/WSCD/SS/TR/7/2022 Providing technical assistance for the work of general shift and round the clock shift Operation & Maintenance of engineering loops and experimental systems at WSCD, BARCF, Kalpakkam 19-JUL-2022 08-AUG-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/KA/TR/124/2022 Design, Manufacture, Inspection, Supply, Erection, Testing, Commissioning and Guarantee of 17TPH capacity from and @ 100 Deg C, fire tube, oil fired package IBR steam boiler with accessories which includes of burner unit, pumps, flue gas duct & Chimney etc with associated IBR piping at
19-JUL-2022 01-AUG-2022
  BARCF/NRB/FRFCF/FFP/2022/ETR-013 Fabrication, supply and erection of pipes, sleeves, valves and associated structural works for utility service system for FFP, FRFCF, Kalpakkam 19-JUL-2022 03-AUG-2022
  BARCF/NRB/FRFCF/FFP/2022/ETR-042 Fabrication, supply, inspection, packaging, transportation, safe delivery, installation of steel doors at Fuel Fabrication Plant (FFP) & Reprocessed Uranium oxide plant (RUP) of FRFCF site, Kalpakkam 15-JUL-2022 01-AUG-2022
  BARCF/INRPK- MA/KA/TR-124/2022(RT) Construction of RCC valve operating chamber at Eastern side of KARP UGST 13-JUL-2022 18-AUG-2022
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/WC/TR/8/2022 Maintenance contract for painting works at WIP, UOF and VWSF for 2022-23, INRPK, Kalpakkam’ 11-JUL-2022 28-JUL-2022
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Construction of storm water drain and culverts connecting to outfall-6 at FRFCF Project site, Kalpakkam 29-JUN-2022
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Construction of Allied service duct supporting structure at FRFCF project site, Kalpakkam 29-JUN-2022

Public Tenders from MRPU, CHENNAI

Sr.No Tender Notice No Name of Work Published on Last Date
1 DPS/MRPU/T&C/MHC-1/2022-23 Material Handling @ Allied Jobs in MRPU (T&C) Godown, Pallavaram, Chennai-600 0043 01-AUG-2022 09-AUG-2022