Tenders of Major Works at IGCAR

Sr.No Tender Notice No Name of Work Published on Last Date
  newIGC/RDTG/CHMD/CHS/SLEEVE/2023/01 Fabrication and Machining of Top piece of DSRDM Sleeve for storage pit. 29-SEP-2023 17-OCT-2023
  newIGC/ESG/ACVSD/T-235/2023 Providing Housekeeping services in Engineering Services Group Building in Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam. 29-SEP-2023 16-OCT-2023
  newIGCAR/RpG/RPOG/TACW/2023-2024 Technical assistance works at DFRP 29-SEP-2023 16-OCT-2023

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Work order for housekeeping and maintenance of SRI Building and its premises at IGCAR Campus 14-SEP-2023 06-OCT-2023
  newCEG/IGC/1922/2023 Carrying out Drain maintenance and clearing drain mouth inside IGCAR areas during the year 2024-2025 at Kalpakkam. 27-SEP-2023 06-OCT-2023
  newCEG/IGC/1920/2023 Clearing the light jungle along the drains and mouth outlets inside plant site, IGCAR new gate to watch tower 1 and KKM side outlets during the year 2024-2025 at IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 27-SEP-2023 06-OCT-2023
  newIGC/TS/AMC/2023/12818 Comprehensive Annual Servicing and maintenance Contract for Centrifugal pumps in PIED,IGCAR,Kalpakkam 27-SEP-2023 03-OCT-2023
  newIGC/MC&MFCG/HK/TP/2023-0102 Service contract for Housekeeping Services in Radioactive Laboratory (MC&MFCG), IGCAR, Kalpakkam 26-SEP-2023 10-OCT-2023
  newIGCAR/RFG/RMD/MMS/KTA/TS-11/2023 Cleaning and painting of equipments, ducts, steel structures and piping etc. in FBTR 21-SEP-2023 09-OCT-2023
  newIGC/TS/AC/2023/12882 Operation and monitoring of A/C Ventilation plants & ancillary Equipments and PSA nitrogen gas production plants at RML, IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 15-SEP-2023 27-SEP-2023

newCorrigendum 1

Decontamination of chemical lab area and cleaning of fume hoods and glove boxes, transfer of materials, liquid Nitrogen etc at DFRP 16-SEP-2023 29-SEP-2023

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Work order for housekeeping and maintenance of SRI Building and its premises at IGCAR Campus 14-SEP-2023 25-SEP-2023
  newIGCAR/RFG/RMD/MMS/SK/TR -04/2023

Corrigendum 2new

Maintenance replacement of corroded pipe lines and modification of existing pipe lines in the Carbon steel piping system of FBTR 13-SEP-2023 26-SEP-2023
  newIGCAR/RFG/RMD/MMS/SK/TR -05/2023

Corrigendum 2new

 Fabrication and erection of structural work in DM water plant, SG building, Turbine building, DG area or any other system of FBTR including RCB at IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 13-SEP-2023 26-SEP-2023
  newIGC/TS/MISC/2023/13201 Production of chilled water and operation of side stream filtration (SSF) cooling tower basin in FBTR. 11-SEP-2023 25-SEP-2023
  newIGC/TS/MISC/2023/13087 Operation of Side Stream Filtration Units (SSFU) of raw water, level

maintenance in raw water pit, service water pit, cooling tower basin, chlorination caustic pit and all domestic water tanks in FBTR & IFSB of RFG

11-SEP-2023 25-SEP-2023
  newIGCAR/EIG/IRSG/ISND/2023/07/01 Providing technical support for web services in development, maintenance, testing and report generation. 08-SEP-2023 19-SEP-2023
  newCEG/IGC/1913/2023 Construction of a Meteorological Cabin near the Meteorological Tower at Edaiyur, IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 07-SEP-2023 18-SEP-2023
  newIGCAR/EIG/CD/WSN/2023/08 Maintenance of Deployed Wireless Sensor Networks at DAE Complex and providing electronics related skilled technical support for WSN developments and deployments 07-SEP-2023 20-SEP-2023
  newIGC/RpG/RpMD/PEMSS/MSM AMC/2023/01 Annual Maintenance Contract for master slave manipulators (MSMs) for the period 2023-24 05-SEP-2023 19-SEP-2023
  CEG/IGC/1919/2023 Providing fencing at Edaiyur Bridge in IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 30-AUG-2023 13-SEP-2023
  CEG/IGC/1918/2023 Maintenance of Vertical Garden and Indoor plants and saplings in HBB & IGCAR Nursery during the year 2023-2024 at Kalpakkam. 30-AUG-2023 13-SEP-2023
  CEG/IGC/1917/2023 Clearing the jungle along the outer patrolling road from DAE Main gate to CTS gate & along the Patrolling Road inside IGCAR campus during the year 2023-2024 in IGCAR at Kalpakkam. 30-AUG-2023 13-SEP-2023
  CEG/IGC/1916/2023 Clearing the jungle inside IGCAR Campus during the year 2023-2024 in IGCAR at Kalpakkam. 30-AUG-2023 13-SEP-2023
  newAUCTION NOTICE No : IGCAR/CEG/CMWD/CC&HS/2023/01 Standing live / dead assorted trees at various locations in DAE / IGCAR plant site, Kalpakkam are proposed to be disposed off by Public Auction at 14.30 Hours on 11.09.2023 as is where is basis. Auction will be conducted by the authorized Officer-in-charge at the Department premises, CDO, IGCAR. 28-AUG-2023  
  IGCAR/RFG/RMD/IMS/SWS/2023-204 Assistance for Instrumentation maintenance of Steam-Water, PHEC, Seismic Instrumentation & Auxiliary Systems of FBTR 28-AUG-2023 05-SEP-2023
  IGC/RpG/AHK-01/TR-001/2023 Service contract for Restricted Area Cleaning and Housekeeping of Laboratories in Reprocessing Group, IGCAR, Kalpakkam 24-AUG-2023 14-SEP-2023
  IGC/MC&MFCG/MFRG/CFED/MFES/NK/2023/03 Fabrication, supply, installation, testing, commissioning of Flange mounted melting chamber with lifting arrangement and chilled water piping as per enclosed drawings and specification. 24-AUG-2023 12-SEP-2023
  newDevelopment of a method and apparatus for in-situ cooling of specimens to conduct impact test per ASTM E2248 / E23 Expression of Interest for Collaborative project Development of a method and an apparatus for in-situ cooling of specimen to conduct impact test as per ASTM E2248 / E23 18-AUG-2023 29-SEP-2023
  IGCAR/IRSG/SIRD/LIMS/eTR-01/2023 Works involving assistance in office at SIRD,IGCAR 17-AUG-2023 28-AUG-2023


Annual maintenance of Masonry, Carpentry, Water & Sewer services, Electrical and Air conditioning for the year of 2023-2024 in DAE Nodal centre at Pallavaram, Chennai. 17-AUG-2023


  CEG/IGC/1914/2023 Resurfacing of patrolling road from CTS gate to Maingate at IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 17-AUG-2023 01-SEP-2023


Implementation of latest Design Change Note (DCN) in Radioactive Liquid Effluent Circuit (RLEC) 17-AUG-2023


  TS/IGC/RDTG/PPCD/SWCS/IPSP/2023/01 Repair and Testing of Power Supply Modules (IPSP used in TG and SWS DCS cabinets) 16-AUG-2023 31-AUG-2023


Assistance for mechanical maintenance works in FBTR & Kamini. 15-AUG-2023


  CEG/IGC/1912/2023 Annual masonry maintenance, miscellaneous works, disposal of garbage of various labs and buildings inside IGCAR complex during the year 2024-2025. 11-AUG-2023 23-AUG-2023
  CEG/IGC/1911/2023 Laying of Bituminous Concrete for patrolling road at North Plant area of IGCAR at Kalpakkam. 11-AUG-2023 23-AUG-2023
  IGCAR/ESG/ACVSD/ACMS/T-238/2023 Supply, erection, testing & commissioning of Pipe lines for interlinking AUSC with RHIDS and SGIDS building, IGCAR, Kalpakkam 11-AUG-2023 23-AUG-2023
  IGCAR/ESG/AC&VSD/T-233/2023 Condition monitoring of rotating equipment at Central Water Chilling Plant, IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 09-AUG-2023 18-AUG-2023
  CEG/IGC/1892/2023 Providing False ceiling in RCL First floor annex building at IGCAR, Kalpakkam 10-AUG-2023 18-AUG-2023

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Fabrication and Erection work in various facilities at SED, HSED of SQ&RMG 08-AUG-2023 12-SEP-2023
  IGC/ESG/AC&VSD/T-237/2023 Providing of CCTV surveillance system for air conditioning section at IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 08-AUG-2023 20-AUG-2023


Construction of shed for exhaust blower platform in RCL at IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 08-AUG-2023 18-AUG-2023
  IGC/MC&MFCG/MFRG/CFED/ECIS/ELE/01/2023 Contract for periodic preventive maintenance of Motor Control Centre (MCC) & blower motors of AC & Ventilation systems, power distribution systems and other electrical maintenance works in general areas and radiation areas at MC&MFCG, IGCAR, Kalpakkam 07-AUG-2023 17-AUG-2023
  IGCAR/ESG/AC&VSD/T-236/2023 Providing package air conditioner system for Computer centre, Auditorium and HPC cluster facility at HBB, IGCAR, Kalpakkam 04-AUG-2023 22-AUG-2023
  IGCAR/ESG/AC&VSD/T-234/2023 Supply, erection and testing of SS structural filter frame & filters at SGTF, IGCAR, Kalpakkam 04-AUG-2023 21-AUG-2023
  IGCAR/ESG/ACVSD/ACMS/T-232/2023 Annual Maintenance contract for Airconditioners, Water coolers and Refrigerators installed at outside the IGCAR, Kalpakkam Plant Site for the year 2023-24 03-AUG-2023 18-AUG-2023
  IGCAR/ESG/ACVSD/ACMS/T-231/2023 Repair & fabrication of Airconditioners' sheet metal parts, MS structures and pipe lines at IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 03-AUG-2023 18-AUG-2023
  IGC/RD&TG/SDS/2023/03 Modification of Pipe supports for DHX - IHX connecting pipe lines in secondary sodium circuit at PFBR 01-AUG-2023 21-AUG-2023

Corrigendum 1

newCorrigendum 2

Design, supply, erection, testing & commissioning of screw chiller with thermal energy storage system at AUSC lab, IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 01-AUG-2023



  IGCAR/ESG/ACVSD/ACMS/T-227/2023 Supply, erection, testing & commissioning of Air Handling units,Pumps and associated piping works at Boron building First Floor Extension, IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 01-AUG-2023 11-AUG-2023
  IGC/ESG/ESD/T-1613/2023 Annual Maintenance contract of intercom telecommunication systems and optical fiber cable networks at IGCAR, Kalpakkam for the year 2023-2024 28-JUL-2023 11-AUG-2023
  IGC/MC&MFCG/MFRG/CFED/ECIS/MISC/GG/01/2023 Miscellaneous work related to filled & empty cylinders, mechanical & electrical equipment, filled & empty LN2 Dewar, chemicals with accessories and housekeeping waste movement in Materials Chemistry & Metal Fuel Cycle Group 26-JUL-2023 10-AUG-2023
  IGC/RFG/RMD/MMS/TR-01/2023 Maintenance of Air Handling units and its associated equipments in FBTR 25-JUL-2023 07-AUG-2023
  IGCAR/RFG/RMD/MMS/PB/TS-06/2023 Annual overhauling, shifting of Load Blocks and testing of EOT Cranes, Chain pulley blocks and Monorail hoists of FBTR, FBTR Training section, IFSB & KAMINI. 20-JUL-2023 04-AUG-2023

Tenders of Major Works at BARCF

Sr.No Tender Notice No Name of Work Published on Last Date
  newBARCF/FRFCF/UT/BLW/2023/TR-100 Handling, Transportation, Positioning of Bloweres and Allied Equipments at WMP & SWB, FRFCF, Kalpakkam 27-SEP-2023 20-OCT-2023
  newNRB/FRFCF/RUP/2023/ETR-029 Supply, fabrication, erection, testing & commissioning of Process and service piping in RUP at FRFCF, Kalpakkam. 26-SEP-2023 26-OCT-2023
  newBARCF/FRFCF/SA/2023/ETR-041 Providing nursing services for Occupational Health Centre (OHC) of FRFCF, Kalpakkam. 26-SEP-2023 06-OCT-2023
  newBARCF/INRPK-MA/KA/TR/84/2021 Design, Fabrication, supply & Replacement of MS angle type DSL System with new Shrouded Type Copper DSL System for 20T/5T EOT Crane in Cell Top Area of KARP, BARCF Kalpakkam. 05-OCT-2023 23-OCT-2023
  newBARCF/INRPK-MA/CW/TR/75/2023 Construction of RCC trenches on western side of existing Group XX Tile holes in CWMF complex 22-SEP-2023 09-OCT-2023
  newBARC/NRB/FRFCF/ELE/TR-030/2023 Internal electrification of building No 101 & other infrastructure Buildings at FRFCF, Kalpakkam 20-SEP-2023 05-OCT-2023
  newBARCF/INRPK- MA/WU/TR/108/2022 SS Piping for Off-Gas System of North Melter at Cell-320 & 322 of WIP, INRPK 22-SEP-2023 11-OCT-2023
  newBARC/PRPD/AKM/AHU/WCO/K-2884/2023 Supply, Installation, testing and Commissioning of Double Skin AHUs at PRP Site, Kalpakkam 14-SEP-2023 25-SEP-2023
  newBARCF/INRPK-HP/TL/3/2023 Providing Technical Assistance in TLD Lab of BARC Facilities at CWMF Complex 08-SEP-2023 18-SEP-2023
  newBARCF/INRPK-MA/KA/TR/173/2023 Design, procurement, assembly, shop testing, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of Double skin Air handling units along with acessories for PC Lab area of KARP-II, Kalpakkam. 05-SEP-2023 12-OCT-2023
  newBARCF/INRPK-MA/KA/TR/175/2023 Annual maintenance contract for repairing and refixing of false ceiling systems, supply and laying of PVC flooring, venetion vertical blinds at various lab and buildings in KARP&KARP-II complex during the year 2023-24. 05-SEP-2023 27-SEP-2023
  newBARCF/INRPK-MA/KA/TR/176/2023 Maintaining clean condition of floor areas, cleaning the toilets & showers in inactive & restricted areas and disposal of garbages / refuses in KARP & KARP-II premises during the period 2023-24 05-SEP-2023 27-SEP-2023
  newBARCF/KNRPC/QA/TR/5/2023 Inspection of Piping & Mechanical works for the facilities at INRPK Kalpakkam 05-SEP-2023 20-SEP-2023
  newBARC/NRB/FRFCF/LLW/ETR-20/2023 Supply, fabrication, erection and testing of LLW and fire waste water transfer systems at Building 302, and 307 of FRFCF, Kalpakkam. 05-SEP-2023 09-OCT-2023
  newBARCF/INRPK- MA/WU/TR/117/2023 Fabrication of Miscellaneous equipments including SS 304L Materials supply for Waste Concentration System of WIP-Kalpakkam 01-SEP-2023 13-SEP-2023
  newBARCF/WSCD/SS/TR/13/2023 Supply, Installation and Commissioning of PLC Panel for the Operation of SIM Loop 31-AUG-2023 18-SEP-2023
  newBARC/PRPD/NS-STF/Electrification/K-2893/2023 Building Electrification & Lighting works at Shake Table Facility, PRP Site, Kalpakkam. 28-AUG-2023 12-SEP-2023
  newNRB/FRFCF/CIVIL/2023-2024/032 Surface cleaning and painting works of carbon steel stepped pipe sleeves for storage vault at CSP building at FRFCF plant site, Kalpakkam 24-AUG-2023 11-SEP-2023
  newNRB/FRFCF/CIVIL/2023-2024/031 Development and maintenance of Lawn, Hedge Plants, Trees, Nursery and Horticulture works at Infrastructure area of FRFCF Project site for the year 2023-24 at Kalpakkam 24-AUG-2023 11-SEP-2023
  newBARCF/WSCD/SS/TR/11/2023 Providing technical assistance for Round the Clock Shift Operation & Maintenance of engineering loops and experimental systems at WSCD, BARCF, Kalpakkam 23-AUG-2023 11-SEP-2023
  newBARCF/INRPK-MA/WC/TR/25/2023 Maintenance contract for light & heavy jungle cleaning at WIP & NSB Premises for 2023-24, BARCF, Kalpakkam 23-AUG-2023 08-SEP-2023
  newBARCF/INRPK-MA/WC/TR/29/2023 Maintenance contract for Masonry works at WIP, UOF, VWSF and NSB for 2023-24, INRPK, Kalpakkam 23-AUG-2023 08-SEP-2023
  newBARCF/INRPK-MA/WC/RT/17/2022-TR Providing material handling equipment Hydra/JCB for handling of material at WIP and NRBK Central Stores 23-AUG-2023 09-SEP-2023
  newBARC/PRPD/MS/848/MW/K-2866/2023 Retrofit of Numerical Relays and other upgradation works in 11 kV Switchboard 21-AUG-2023 07-SEP-2023
  newBARCF/INRPK-MA/KA/TR/174/2023 Annual maintenance contract for cutting and clearing of light jungle and cleaning the area in Physical protection fence in KARP complex during the year 2023-2024 17-AUG-2023 08-SEP-2023
  newBARCF/INRPK-MA/KA/TR/161/2023 Construction of canteen building for lNRPK,BARCF,Kalpakkam 17-AUG-2023 08-SEP-2023
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/CW/TR/71/2023 Installation of false ceiling in CWMF Complex 11-AUG-2023 30-AUG-2023
Preparation of Boiler T-5055, T-5056, T- 6711, T-6569 and T-10063 for annual inspection for a period of 12 months 10-AUG-2023 30-AUG-2023
  BARCF/INRPK-OP/CW/TR/12/2023 Technical assistance in decontamination of protective wear and active floor areas in CWMF, Kalpakkam 10-AUG-2023 23-AUG-2023
  BARCF/INRPK-MA/KA/TR/172/2023 Supply, Fabrication Erection And Testing Of CS Piping Along With All Accessories For New Air Receiver Of KARP to process building with respective air headers 08-AUG-2023 31-AUG-2023

Corrigendum 1

Corrigendum 2 new

Construction of Civil Structures for Sewage Treatment Plant at FRFCF project site, Kalpakkam 07-AUG-2023




Public Tenders from MRPU, CHENNAI

Sr.No Tender Notice No Name of Work Published on Last Date