Official Language Implementation Activities

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About Official Language

As per article 343(1) of the Constitution of India 'Hindi' in the Devanagari script is provided as the official language of the Union. Annual Programme released every year by the Department of Official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India which prescribes targets for doing the official work of the union in Hindi language. The official language policy implementation is based on motivation, encouragement and training, as its guiding principle.

Progressive use of official language Hindi in IGCAR

As per the instructions issued from time to time by the Department of Official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs, as well as, the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), IGCAR is making constant efforts for implementing the Official Language Policy of the Union and ensuring compliance of various orders issued in this regard. A dedicated Hindi Section is set up to look after the work pertaining to the progressive use of Hindi in IGCAR, having staff strength of 3 officials comprising, Deputy Director (Official Language), Junior Translation Officer and a Upper Division Clerk. It functions under the guidance and control of Chief Administrative Officer/Director (Personnel & Administration). The Hindi Section assists by providing translation of various official documents from English to Hindi and vice a versa and also organises official language implementation committee meetings, Hindi training classes, Hindi Workshops, Hindi Seminars, Hindi promotional activities like Hindi Day/Hindi Fortnight celebrations etc. Constant efforts are made to fulfill the targets prescribed in the 'Annual Programme' issued by the Department of Official Language for implementation of the Official language. (Contact details of Hindi Section IGCAR)

Official Language Implementation Committee, IGCAR

An Official Language Implementation Committee (OLIC) has been constituted under the chairmanship of Director, IGCAR. This committee regularly reviews the progress made in the use of Hindi in the Centre on quarterly basis. It gives appropriate suggestions and recommends measures to be taken for the effective implementation of the official language policy. It also oversees the organization of Hindi Scientific Seminars, Hindi Fortnight Celebrations etc., in this Centre. The members of OLIC render active contributions in O.L. implementation.

The present composition of OLIC, IGCAR is as follows:

Sl No. Members Position 
1 Director, IGCAR Chairman 
2 Dr. Awadhesh Mani, SO/H, Division Head, CMPD/MSG Co- Chairman
3 Chief Administrative Officer/Director (P&A) Member
4 Deputy Controller of Accounts/JC (F&A) Member
5 Administrative Officer-III (Establishment & Vigilance) Member
6 Administrative Officer-III ( Recruitment, Legal & General) Member
7 Dr. Vani Sankar, SO/G, Section Head, FSS/MMD/MMG Member
8 Shri Narendra Kumar Kushwaha, SO/G, Section Head, WMS, PHRMD/SQRMG Member
9 Shri Prashant Sharma, SO/G, EMDA/DDRSD/SFG/RDTG Member
10  Shri V. Praveen Kumar, SO/F, Section Head, MIS/CWD/ESG Member
11 Shri Pranay Kumar Sinha, SO/E, RMDS/RRDD/RpG Member
12 Dr N.P.I. Das, SO/E, ERAS/EnSD/SQ&RMG Member
13 Shri Ajay Kumar Keshari, SO/E, ECIS/CFED/MFRG/MC&MFCG Member
14 Shri Mohit Kumar Yadav, SO/E, NS/ISND/EIG Member
15 Shri Amit Kumar Chouhan, SO/D, THS/THD/SFG/RDTG Member
16 Shri Sthitapragyan Pattanayak, SO/C, EMS/RMD/RFG Member
17 Deputy Director (Official Language)                               Member-Secretary 

Recently held major Official Language activities at IGCAR

Period Programme Subject
09-01-2020 &  All India Hindi Scientific Seminar Indian Scientific and Technological Progress in the Field of Energy 
14-09-2020 to Hindi Fortnight-2020 Hindi Day Celebration (14.9.2020)
30-09-2020 Hindi Competitions
11-01-2021 &  All India Hindi Scientific Webinar-2021 Journey towards Self-reliant India – Role of Science & Technology
14-09-2021 & Hindi Fortnight-2021 Hindi Day Celebration (14.9.2021)
27-09-2021 Hindi Competitions
10-01-2022 &  National Hindi Scientific Hybrid Seminar-2022 Applications of Radiation and Nuclear Technology for Societal Benefits
10.01.2023 All India Hindi Scientific Seminar- 2023 (AIHSS-2023) Role of Nuclear and Other Advanced Technologies in Climate Change Control
10.01.2024 All India Hindi Scientific Seminar- 2024 (AIHSS-2024) New India: Green Energy Sources

Contact details of Hindi Section, IGCAR:

Deputy Director (Official Language)
Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research
Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu -603102
Landline: 044-27480500 (Extension 22748/22829)